UNA Poggio dei Medici Golf Course

Compilation made on April 30, 2014.

Overall impression

The UNA Poggio dei Medici golf course is located close to the village of Scarperia, another nice Tuscany village, close to Florence. You can choose two roads to get there, the one much better than the other. So you best follow the original sign of the course, instead of your navigation.
Poggio dei Medici is part of the hotel chain UNA. It’s quite a big complex with hotel rooms, conference facilities, wellness facilities, a restaurant and a bar, a big entrance hall and a golf shop. It doesn´t breath the friendliness of a golf club, but the people are friendly and helpful and you absolutely have everything you need. The buildings aren´t really a sight for sore eyes, but the course itself is well maintained and very lush and green.

The driving range and putting facilities are very good. Nice views over the hill sides, different ‘floors’ for the driving range, mostly with real grass. The 18 holes course is challenging with a lot of hills and long holes. It’s very easy to lose a lot of balls, because the bushes are closed, so when you have a bad day, you need a lot of extra balls! The distances between the holes are quite long sometimes and it is not always very easy to find the routing of the different holes. Especially hole 6, 11 and 18 are not very easy to figure out. Overall the course is very beautiful, green and well maintained and we saw a lot of animals (rabbits, birds, pheasants).
After 9 holes we would like to take a break, but it is pretty far from the club house (or actually the hotel bar), so we use the facilities of toilet and self service machines that are created between hole 9 and 10.

And then, after 18 holes, walking the hills, you have to go back to the reception, parking or your hotel room. And then comes the most difficult part…. walking up the hill, probably the steepest part of the course….. But it is all worth it! Poggio dei Medici is a great course, very challenging for golfers of all levels. When you’re in Tuscany and you love golfing and challenge yourself a bit, you definitely have to play here.

My opinion about UNA Poggio dei Medici:

7.5 out of 10 stars

Friendliness:7 out of 10 stars
Accessibility:6 out of 10 stars
Atmosphere:6 out of 10 stars
Challenge:7.5 out of 10 stars
Overall maintenance:6.5 out of 10 stars
Maintenance fairways:8 out of 10 stars
State of Greens:8 out of 10 stars


Course map of Poggio dei Medici


hole – Yellow – Red hole – Yellow – Red
hole 01 – 330 – 300 hole 10 – 340 – 293
hole 02 – 455 – 390 hole 11 – 349 – 316
hole 03 – 431 – 380 hole 12 – 147 – 120
hole 04 – 354 – 317 hole 13 – 538 – 480
hole 05 – 386 – 340 hole 14 – 386 – 364
hole 06 – 433 – 391 hole 15 – 327 – 290
hole 07 – 173 – 151 hole 16 – 196 – 170
hole 08 – 164 – 140 hole 17 – 365 – 330
hole 09 – 353 – 296 hole 18 – 488 – 441
Total 6049 m – 5339 m – Par 72


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Photo gallery UNA Poggio dei Medici Golf Course

take a break after hole 9 at una poggio dei medici
hole by hole at una Poggio dei Medici
view from una poggio dei Medici
amazing views over UNA Poggio dei Medici Golf Course

Website & Contact:

UNA Poggio dei Medici – ITALY – *18 holes*

Golf course played in the ‘365 Days of Golf’ road trip, played on the 30th of April. Read more about it AJ’s blog posts.

UNA Poggio dei Medici
Via San Gavino, 27
50038 Scarperia (FI)

website: www.golfpoggiodeimedici.com/
e-mail: info@golfpoggiodeimedici.com
Tel.: +055 8435562

Green fee prices:

Green fee: 9 holes €50,- 18 holes €60,- / €80,-

Notes & Remarks:

* Driving range and putting green are good and well prized (€ 1,50 for 25 balls, no fee).
* WiFi costs 1,50 per 30 minutes, a bit ‘1995’
* Very well maintained locker rooms (part of wellness area, towels for free at the reception).
* There is a toilet at hole 7 and hole 12, it’s a French toilet, but pretty clean.
* After hole 9 there is a little self-service ‘cabin’ where you can buy a drink out of machines and use the clean toilet. No nice terrace, but there are two plastic chairs (see video)<

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