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on our way to the south

Irene behind the wheel of the campervan


A cup of coffee, an extensive shower, laundry possibilities and tanking water. The pleasures of a stay over at people who do have a fully furnished home! We enjoy our little house and learn every day something new. Every day the organisation within the campervan goes better and faster and also all proceedings around it, become a routine.

Around 10 am we start the campervan (and that goes really smoothly, even on gas) and we continue our trip through Germany. We decide to take it easy and travel in a day or three and it proofs that we will need this. Because al do we are travelling over the highway, the campervan doesn’t go any faster. We also have to stop at a regular basis, because it’s pretty harsh on the calf muscles. When, on the end of the afternoon, it shows we only have driven 200 kilometres I am a bit desperate….. In this way it can take even more than three days.

golf course south of Frankfurt - middle of our trip to the south

Golf Club Gernsheim Hof Gräbenbruch

We finally find a golf course south of Frankfurt, where we park the car on the parking place and finally decide that we just wait till we are send of. We drink a coffee in the modern restaurant, after I practised on the putting green and practice range. Nice course, which by the looks of it isn’t so old. We fall a sleep in our beds and are not send of at all !