since 1987 tomelilla golf course

Tomelilla Golf Course, Sweden.

Compilation made on 14th of June 2014.

Overall impression Tomelilla Golf Course:

Good atmosphere when you walk into the club house. Warm welcome by the manager and his colleagues.
The course is in a very good state. Big difference between the front and back nine are the amount of water hazards. The first nine holes are all surrounded by water. Note: that these first nine holes were before the last nine holes as you can read in the birdie book that you can purchase in the reception for SEK 10.
At the (new) back nine holes, the made more fairway bunkers, in which case you can save your ball with a bunker shot.
Slightly hilly terrain, so a buggy isn’t really necessary.
If you play the course for the first time you will notice that the greens are tricky. In many cases my ball rolled of the green after a pitch or a wedge shot.

Tomelilla golf course has also a pay and play course, a simple par 3 course near the entrance road to the complex.
Driving range and other practice facilities are there and in good state.

My opinion about Tomelilla Golf Course:

8 out of 10 stars

Friendliness:9 out of 10 stars
Accessibility:9 out of 10 stars
Atmosphere:8 out of 10 stars
Challenge:8 out of 10 stars
Overall maintenance:8.5 out of 10 stars
Maintenance fairways:7 out of 10 stars
State of Greens:8 out of 10 stars


course map with new numbers


Tomelilla golf course and its distances


At the parking area are four spots were you can get 220V electricity.
Huge parking place where is enough place for camper vans9 out of 10 stars

Welcome with campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Parking for campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Camper accessibility:9 out of 10 stars

Photo gallery Tomelilla golf course

parking area at Tomelilla golf course
power supply at Tomelilla Golf Course
nice maintenance at Tomelilla golf course
tee of below the restaurant eve's bistro

Website & Contact:

Tomelilla Golf Course – SWEDEN – *1×18 holes and 1×9 holes par 3*

Played during the ‘365 Days of Golf’ road trip, played on the 14th of June. Read more about it on the blog of ‘365 Days of Golf’

Tomelilla Golf Course
Ullstorp 273 94
Tel: 0417-194 30



Mats Hagberg

Teaching Pro: 070-2092441

Green fee prices:

SEK 420 for 18 holes and SEK 210 for 9 holes,
better prices in spring and autumn

SEK 100 = € 11,-

Bucket of balls 18 pcs for 1 coin that cost SEK 10

Notes & Remarks:

No 100 meter indicators on the side of the fairway. Also no cups for broken tees.You can buy a birdie book.
Shower doesn’t give constant water. You have to push every ten seconds.The hole numbers have been changed; hole 10 became 1 and hole 1 became hole 10. The map on this page is corrected with photoshop.

Restaurant Eve’s Bistro:

Eve will take care of you at Tomelilla golf clubFor all guests and golfers, with or without a camper van. Wicked AJ absolutely recommends to go in, and have a taste of the home made food of Eve. She doesn’t do à la carte, but has instead five dishes on the black board and a daily dish in tree forms; meat, fish or vegetarian. She is a really lively and enthusiastic person that uses local products, so absolute perfect.

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