We started ! on Tirrenia Golf

We’re waking up next to an Italian golf course! We’re living the ideas! IN THE RAIN.

Good thing is, it’s not as cold as it was in Holland and Germany. So Irene walks to the beach to practise some yoga and I start my warming up and editing in the camper. I can’t wait till it is 8.30, so we can drive the camper in the very well hidden place of Tirrenia Golf Club. Before we go in I read on their website that it is actually a members course only, so I am very curious if I can play today.

A bit after 8.30 we drive the camper through the gate and I head immediately to the reception. Today I’m not ready yet to ask for a green fee, so this first day, I’ll just pay and play!

The weather isn’t really great, but the rain stopped and we are happy to be playing. The course is nice, small and not extremely difficult. Just 9 holes and that’s enough for today. The trip here was quite tiresome and we need our time to process the time in Holland. And we have something to look forward to, a hot and long shower, which we didn’t have for three days! What a treat!

We feel a bit too much on this golf course, because of Easter a lot of families are having lunch here, so we leave quickly and decide to move out of Tirrenia, we want to see some real Italy!

But first another touristical sight: the Tower of Pisa. We saw it already on the road here, but especially Irene would love to see it up close. And I don’t know why, but she really thinks we can bring the camper close to the tower and make a picture of the camper in front of the tower. For some reason she guides me into some really narrow streets, that are actually restricted areas for cars…… But I manage to get out of there without any troubles.

The tower of Pisa is a very popular sight and during Easter it is already extremely crowded with tourists. So we shoot some images and are surprised by the ‘creativity’ of all these tourists, you should see the video, so you know what I mean.

Pictures and Video of Tirrenia Golf and Pisa visit


Arjan and Irene at the tower of Pisa





the club house of Tirrenia Golf

We end the afternoon in a nice coffee place, and use the internet and electricity before we head to San Miniato for a pizza and a good night’s rest!

We wrote a review about Tirrenia Golf which you can read on this site. Below you see our first Video made about a golf course. Not perfect, but finished…