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For those who follow me on Facebook this blog post will mention not so many new things. But because I’m back on a golf course I would like to pick up the habit of posting ones every month. (preferably on a Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock, but I don’t think I’m going to make that this month).
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Highlights so far;

  • my winter season was great – I worked in lovely environments AND I could save the money to buy my Annual Golf Pass here in/of Costa Navarino.
  • they loved the website I made (or better; are making) for Hotel Seehof in Zell am See.
  • after some ‘Greek waiting time’ the sale around the accommodations was finalized.
  • everything on the golf course is inclusive (driving range balls, buggy, locker, tees, water and even the use of a small towel).
  • it’s so lovely quit in the morning that I hear the waves of the sea when I open my eyes waking up (distance measured with Google Earth; home-beach; 300 meters).
  • the quickly bought bicycle is perfect and brings me to the course in 9 minutes (2,5 km).

first pictures of villa Andrea, one Villa of Gialova Gardens

You may think I have the perfect life. You may be right, but it comes with ups and downs. Waiting for keys to start activities which are planned for months can be very frustrated and working with the Kärcher (high-water-pressure) machine can become really boring after two weeks. I know what I’m doing it for; the possibility to play golf every evening.

Like I did in Winkel, Lemmer and Bilthoven, but now with better prospects and with a long-term-thinking behind it.

the light blue logo of Gialova GardensThe name ***Gialova Gardens*** is official and the logo is made and with another 4 days of painting the first villa is ready to be decorated. Time for marketing and promotion. Always known as Aerie I’m glad the name has been changed into Andrea. She is a lovely Mykanos style villa, with an amazing view over the bay of Navarino. This villa, with its shiny white walls can be seen from everywhere. Even from the greens of hole 3, 6 and 8. So if you’re a golf player and don’t know where to go, you’ve a solution now.

One of the other bungalows is already booked for several weeks, so the prospects are good. Comfortable holiday feeling, close to a beautiful beach (300 meters) and lovely restaurants. You can understand that I’ll promote these houses throughout this site and that I’m looking forward to welcome you as one of my first Wicked Golfer Guests here in Giálova.
Γιάλοβα is a tiny village with only 80 inhabitants in the winter months, but a lively boulevard beach resort during the summer period. One of my future ideas is to establish the Giálova Golf Club | Bay of Navarino. I already met some locals that also like the lovely Game of Golf.

Time to pick up all the ideas I mentioned in my former blog post and continue working on them….

for example:

Learn more about the area so I can guide YOU through the area of Navarino and work out some excursion ideas I have.

Restyle (and extend to this area) my Routaki.com website and put the homepage also in a WordPress format.

Offering my services as AJ4U to those who like to have a website which you can edited and updated easily yourself with my background support. (4 INFO ==> AJ4U.INFO)

Kostas helps me with the start of my own restaurantContinue to collect items for my AJ’s Unique Chicken restaurant.

Kostas, the owner of my local living room pub Ionis Café just gave me a wine glass (see photo).

That concept is also in progress (later more about that).



….and training, training, training on the golf course.

I’m hitting them pretty straight. All the hours of training in the Amirandes Golf Academy paid off. A pity I had to give back my (borrowed) good Titleist golf clubs. So I’m on the search for some new clubs. And I also would like to have some left handed ones, because I want to learn to hit from both sides.

I wish you all a Kalo mina. A very good month. Probably also with ups and some downs, but that is how life goes.


Gia sas.


P.S. I would like to share this Greek saying with you;

Είμαι τυχερός μέσα στην ατυχία μου.


Why? you may wonder;

Some stuff was stolen from me. Due to my widely campaign from last year, some friendly Dutch guy, who’s neighbor found some of the items back, could track me down through Facebook and inform me that they had dropped of my ID card and driver license at the local police station.