use your camera to make money and enjoy lifeHow to start a project in a region you don’t know, where you don’t speak the language, where you don’t know a lot about? Where everything is new and exciting and very challenging?

We just do. We take the challenge to start and see where things will end. Today more about how we got this crazy idea of travelling the world and earning enough to keep on travelling as long as we want.

Let’s get back to March 2013. We are working in La Douce France for   Arjan reads something in a magazine about how watching television will change. In the future we are not watching television shows any more, but we search video’s on YouTube and create our own channels. And after working years and years in tourism, he decided to do something different. He knows how to use a camera, has been making souvenir dvd’s for a couple of years now and has a good eye to capture good shots.

The weeks after this first idea we kept on talking about it. And decided that he could make the films and I could do the communication. But what would the video’s be about. We didn’t have to search long, because he definitely wanted to do something with his passion for playing golf. So the idea was, creating video’s for golf courses. We decided to go to Asia, to start. There are a lot of golf courses there, life is not so expensive and I could do my yoga teacher training during this period.

So before we know it, this new project is born. It sounds too good to be true. We have been working together the last three years, but were always fighting about a lot of things. Working together? No, we definitely wanted to do our own things…….

It’s September now and we have been talking, discussing, doubting, working on this project. We have talked to a lot of people that gave us advice. Two things were very clear from the start, everybody we talked to told us to focus and not to be afraid to ask money for the things we do.

We took all this into account and decided to change our points of view. But in the end the idea is still the same. Arjan is going to make video’s of golf courses and I will start with my yoga teacher training. After discussing a lot we both want to do things our own way, so now we are both planning on doing our own things. Arjan is focussing on golf and making video’s and I will focus on yoga, communication and organizing.