lovely building on the san miniato golf course

We are waking up by the sounds of the market traders preparing their stalls for the market of San Miniato. We knew we had to leave early, so we prepare the driver’s seat and leave the beautiful place where we spent the night. We drive through the village to find a place to park the camper, but the streets are too small and busy, so we find a big parking area that is completely empty, just outside the village and next to a church.

We sleep a bit more, do some yoga (Irene, not me yet), editing, and try the aggregate to get some power in the camper. After our lunch we head to the golf course, San Miniato Golf, were we try to get our first free green fee on a course we’re not invited.

I’m lucky Irene is with me, because the lady at the reception doesn’t speak a lot of English and I don’t speak Italian. So with a bit of Italian, English and a lot of smiles we can explain what we are doing and they are very kind to give us our first free green fee, of course in exchange of a video. We decide that we would like to stay here two days, to play golf, practise and get some work done. Because it still feels like we’re way behind schedule.

The course is really nice, 9 holes again, short holes with narrow fairways. The surroundings are great and already on hole 2 I see a house with a lot of possibilities, living on a golf course in Tuscany, no need to look any further! We meet a nice Italian family from Trento, their son plays really nice golf and we film him for our video. They tell us that they know a really nice course close to Trento, so we might pass their on our way.

We spend our evening at the laundry service, because for some reason all bars are closed or without WiFi.

Here is the link to the review about this course.