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Romeleasens Golf Club, Sweden

Compilation made on the 12th of June 2014.

Overall impression Romeleasens Golf Club:

Rated the best golf course in Sweden last year; Wicked Golfers can imagine why.
The course is in excellent condition and the surrounding facilities are in perfect shape. Nice big driving range and pitching and chipping practice area. Putting area is also in front of the club house. The course is from 1969 and that you can see on the huge trees in the field and the beautiful use of the big stone walls around the holes.

Very fine combination between water hazards and fairway bunkers. Hilly terrain, so you have to be in good shape. Not to steep, but if you need to use a buggy the fairway stroke is especially mowed for this.

We missed the 100 and 150 meter indication, but as you have your own birdie book in your back pocket, you can find the distances on there.

On day 52 of the ‘365 Days of Golf’ tour this course comes certainly in the top 5 and the reason it is not the number one is only because of personal taste, where this course loses of the Toscany hill sites.

My opinion about Romeleasens Golf Club:

8.5 out of 10 stars

Friendliness:9 out of 10 stars
Accessibility:9 out of 10 stars
Atmosphere:9 out of 10 stars
Challenge:8 out of 10 stars
Overall maintenance:9 out of 10 stars
Maintenance fairways:8 out of 10 stars
State of Greens:8 out of 10 stars


The whole terrains of Romeleasens Golf club


Distances on Romeleasens Golf club


At the entrance of the terrain is a small camping site, where is also 220 V electricity and drinking water. Here are also toilets. For showers you have to walk to the club house, 3 min walk. Wicked Golfers Camper van Golf Travel is in contact with the manager for further cooperation.Camper van clients are more than welcome.

Huge parking place where is enough place for camper vans.9 out of 10 stars

Welcome with campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Parking for campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Camper accessibility:9 out of 10 stars

Photo gallery Romeleasens Golf Club

ideal parking place at Romeleasens Golf club
Romeleasens Golf Club for you excellent golf game
the hazards are taken care of at Romeleasens Golf Club
the restaurant of Jerry and Maria at Romeleasens Golf Club

Website & Contact:

Romeleasens Golf Club – SWEDEN – *1×18 holes*

Played during the ‘365 Days of Golf’ road trip, played on the 12th of June. Read more about it on the blog of ‘365 Days of Golf’

Romeleasens Golf Club
in Swedish: Romeleåsens Golfklubb


Phone (office) +46 4682014
Phone (restaurant) +46 4682111

Course manager:
Stellan Ragnar
Tel: 0705 – 092014

Golf Teacher:
Tony Frank
Tel: 046 – 820 14
Mobil: 0705 – 080510

Green fee prices:

Start time Week days Weekends
morning – 7:50 SEK 300 SEK 350
late morning 08:00 – 12:50 SEK 450 SEK 450
afternoon 13:00 – 16:50 SEK 350 SEK 350
evening 17:00 – SEK 300 SEK 300

SEK 100 = € 11,-

Bucket of balls 18 pcs for SEK 10

Notes & Remarks:

No 100 and 150 meter indicators on the side of the fairway. Also no cups for broken tees.On the course there are no signs which show the hole by detail. But everyone can take a birdie book with him free of charge out of the reception.On the print out score card, are the ideal tee times for all 18 holes printed out.

Shower doesn’t give constant water. You have to push every ten seconds. Pity

Romeleasens Golf Club on the reveiw site


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