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after working for one month in the Golf Academy I am still experiencing things  ‘on the side’


To create some extra income I was on the search for an evening job. Being here as part of the entertainment team and saying only “Kalispera” to the guests didn’t bring extra money, so I thought of finding an extra part time job.  I found it in the, just opened ‘Brasserie het Leidseplein’. Due to paperwork problems they couldn’t open earlier than the 2d of August. I don’t believe in coincidence. It was proven once again.

Dutch food restaurant in the main street of HersonissosI past by that night and was asked inside, because I was part of the 2004 team which is shown on a poster inside the restaurant. Good old times, when Leidseplein was run by my golf colleague Ed.

I asked straight forward if they had a job for me and their response was positive. So a couple of days later I was working in the kitchen and frying the chips and the schnitzels.

But what I noticed already after two days, that this was really NOT my thing and I started to realise how good my life was without an extra job in the hotel where everything is for free for me.  So, completely against my style, I resigned after five days and while I was riding back home on my scooter I really had the feeling I had my life back.

So far my kitchen experience for this year. Respect for the Albanees brothers who run the Leidseplein, but their working culture is too different to the Dutch one, that I had to stop. Sorry for that and thanks for the opportunity you gave me.


I made the switch in my mind and took some time to brainstorm about what is needed here and what would fit in my interests. My conclusion; go full for the job that you are in and make sure that golf is known to all the tourists that come to visit Crete. As a result I wrote down some new goals from which all parties will benefit.  The golf course will get more clients, people visiting Crete receive good information, my website will grow and been seen, the Academy in Amirandes will develop and my (teaching) skills will extend.

How will I do that? By turning Wicked Golfers into THE website for GOLF on CRETA. So one of  my new goals is that if you Google these two words in a combination, in the future my website always will be shown on the first page of Google. I am going to use all my Routaki knowledge and on the other side I will describe what is happening (with me) on and of the golf course.

wicked golfers new goal, being on the first page

As the golf course here near Hersonissos is going to be improved, it is a great opportunity to let all visitors realise that they can play an excellent round of Golf when they are here on their overall holiday.

So far for the golf. Or not really.

Aspasia foundation starts on CretaBecause I am working in the golf scene now, people expect that I have good contacts and some of them realise that after working 22 years in tourism it made me a ‘people person’.  One of these people contacted me through Facebook and told me we had to meet up for an interview. Like I mentioned in my last post; if somebody offers me work I am always willing to listen.

And so I am waiting on the results of that interview, in which maybe work in the winter is involved. As I can not write to much about it, I only put down some key words: FOUNDATION, INNOVATION,  INVOLVEMENT, INVESTMENT BANKING,  PR, LOCAL PROJECTS and ORGANIZING GOLF TOURNAMENTS

What I can tell you, is that I was really interested and so I hope that something comes out of this.

LET IT GO …. are the words that I repeatedly tell myself the last couple of days.

lovely day through the cretan olive fields

Being one and a half month back on the island I almost met everybody again. Only one person was missing. Because he is to busy, he says himself. This is Gijs of the Hollandse Jeepsafari

 Finally I met him, doing his pick ups in front of the Creta Maris hotel. We shacked hands and the first thing he asked was; ‘can you drive safari?’ I was flabbergasted, but responded by; Yes, on Saturday, because that’s my only day off.  And so after many years I was back in the Jeep on my way to Tsoutsouros.  The pictures speak for themselves. I had a great day together with Roger (Rambo)


Back in the days ( 1996) and the present moment 🙂 🙂

jeep safari in Kreta, in 1996 and 2014


I don’t know if I have to write; to be continued. Because I have no idea. The last couple of days were really busy in the Academy and I started teaching and people continued to walk in. So I came to the point that I realised that I achieved one of my goals


and no buts! …….. I am teaching, instructing and my guests are having fun and learn something, and that’s what’s all about.


Below a video  of my first students; Ryan and Lisa – in the Golf Academy of the Amirandes hotel