[custom_frame_left]revolution slider used in homepage[/custom_frame_left]Today was about my Revolution Slider (again). A great widget that I use within my wordpress website.

the Only thing…. it took ages before I found the right settings and still it isn’t how I imagined it on forehand. But being finished is better than being perfect and unfinished. So check it out how it futures my sponsors:


(Note : august 2014. Because this slider was made on ArjanVera.nl  were this blog ran on, you find the link here to the page to see the original sliders.)

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In the mean while Irene has finished the first newsletter. For me the instruction to put all my e-mail addresses into this MailChimp account, so friends and family will receive our first ‘365 Days of Golf’ Newsletter. If you also like to receive and read it and you think we don’t have your e-mail address than pass it through by a pm on Facebook, or sent it by mail to mail[ad]wickedgolfers.com


Still searching for a golf course for the 13 th of April. Any suggestions……