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prepartions to be ready for the unofficial start of the tour

Preparations on the campervan before the start of 365 Days of Golf .

What a start! We couldn’t hope for it on forehand. But that our project would be received in this way, was like a dream come through.

On the 7th of April I was called by Omroep Brabant. They wanted a telephone interview for a radio broadcast. Straight away life! No problem, I was ready for it and gave a great interview, if I have to believe the words of Irene (and of course I do that willingly). We had already had some reactions of other editors, but you know how it goes; our project is a nice subject, but if there is real news, such as the girls in Panama*, than our subject is ‘going into the closet’.

(*note: two Dutch girls were missing in Panama, and later they found their bodies in the forest.)

The preparations before the start were quite hectic. Because Irene and I were till the end of March in Austria and we still wanted to start on the 12th of April, we had only two weeks time to do all the preparations. And if I am in the Netherlands, I always like to visit some people and takes the organisation of such a project more than expected.

So the planning was tight, on the side I got a virus out of a family weekend and got fever, but couldn’t ‘make time free’ for that. The campervan had to be ready. During these last preparations I tried to assist my parents in really difficult times. Irene had to say goodbye to a lot of her stuff, which were stalled in a basement and they had to go out of there. Also financially it didn’t go as it supposed to go. We had hoped that sponsors would be interested to sponsor this project, but so far this is not the case.  A pity, because in the end we  had a lot of press attention, which of course is interesting for sponsors.

The Friday before the start my mother was operated and while she was in the hospital, we ordered the campervan and wait with tenseness on her return. Fortunately everything went well and she is recovering well. Now it’s waiting for the result.

After diner we got into the campervan and drove off in the direction of North Holland. Around 10 pm we arrived in Hoogwoud, were we decided to sleep another night inside, so that we will be rested for the unofficial start, which will take place on the golf course of Golf Club Regthuys.