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From now on I will share my thoughts about my 365 Days of Golf on this website.

And I would like to tell you a little something about how things are going during these first part of the tour.
Golf wise this life is perfect. I notice that my technique is improving and I am liking the game more and more. Bogey after bogey starts to fall. Only the miss- hits are straight away huge ones and bring high scores.

The point is, that in the mean while, everybody is excited about my trip and tell me that they follow me, but that doesn’t bring me the income to continue. My costs are not much gasoline, food and driving range balls on courses I don’t film. It’s little money, but if it is one way direction out of your wallet, there is a moment it all stops.

always try to have positive moods…but like the title says;

  Let’s stay positive

In the meanwhile I made the switch and let go of my original business idea (making promotional videos for golf courses). My intuition tells me that there is no market for me to work in. Especially as I didn’t get the right equipment together (e.g. the drone and the Go-pro camera). Instead arose a new idea, that I am working out talk to the golf course managers about.

I bought de urls CAMPERVANGOLFTRAVEL.COM as well as the Dutch variant  CAMPERGOLFREIZEN.NL

Those two URL’s are going to be connected to this website and I am investigating if their is an interest in this kind of travel. The golf course managers are interested, the restaurants are. So why not give it a try.

Because it’s amazing how good the shower and restaurant facilities are in all these club houses we visit. And how little people really use them. Combine this with the freedom you have in a campervan and knowing parking places around golf courses are always huge, because every player comes alone in his or her car. Well… it’s the beginning of a new product.
This time I will try to do it WITH market research. But then I hope that I get some reaction to my questions on the different (social) media. I am writing and writing and most of the time I am thinking, for whom am I doing all this, so please…. give me your thoughts.

We just left Brno here in Czech Republic. In Brno we had some positive answers from the Czech bureau of tourism, so maybe this will result in some co-operation to be invited to some more courses here in Czech.

Next goal now is, to reach at least Sweden next month. 22 courses have invited me so far, to play and have lunch. I really would like to thank Andy in person for all these invitations, so I have to get there. A country I have never been to, as well, and therefore would love to visit and explore.

Keep you posted, in a positive way 😉

from now on by this blog, so please bookmark it.

positive feelings on the golf course