Pegas Golf Club

Compilation made on 19th of May 2014.

Overall impression

Upon arrival we were not straight away enthusiastic. Maybe because we just visited the course of Carpatia and that is really not a recommendation.
Here at Golf Club Pegas, there are a lot of good facilities to practice your swing and to improve your putting and chipping skills. At first we thought it could all have a bit of maintenance, but after a while you notice why things are the way they are.
For example; the first impression of the driving range area are the enormous advertisement billboards. It crosses your mind; is this really necessary? But after walking the small par 3 nine holes, you have learned that these boards also have a protection function. The green of hole 6 is namely exactly behind these boards.
The mats on the driving range look old fashioned, but if you study them up-close you learn that the piece were your ball is on, is brand new and with different layers of rubber underneath, which is good to avoid injuries. No wonder it is really busy on a Monday evening and every mat is taken. And no wonder this club has the most members of the whole of Slowakia.
The driving range is the heart of the little complex with a nice new terrace and reception building, next to the more old stylish golf shop. In the evening sun it is really a fine spot to practice your swing, or do some extra putting.
The driving range balls come in big buckets, because there is an all inclusive price asked of € 8,50 for a day, and € 280,- for a year.

Don’t pass it when you on the lookout to find the entrance. Only a bright yellow cup flag shows the tiny entrance. No signs of welcome boards on the road to inform you that this little practice camp is here.
The nine holes are also good for a practice round. The tee of hole 1 and 7 are combined. You are hitting of mats and the fairways are really short. Greens are fast and bunker sand is ok.
Overall; no surprise that this club has so many members, who all would like to improve their golf swing and play on the surrounding 18 holes courses.

My opinion about Pegas Golf Club:

7 out of 10 stars

Friendliness:8 out of 10 stars
Accessibility:5 out of 10 stars
Atmosphere:7 out of 10 stars
Challenge:6 out of 10 stars
Overall maintenance:6.5 out of 10 stars
Maintenance fairways:7 out of 10 stars
State of Greens:8.5 out of 10 stars


detailed map of Pegas Golf Club


distances at par 3 Pegas golf course


The reception helped us with electricity for the night.Parking place in front of the chipping area. A piece of grass land, where it is silent and dark in the night.

9 out of 10 stars
Welcome with campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Parking for campervan:9 out of 10 stars
Camper accessibility:7 out of 10 stars
Help with facilities:9 out of 10 stars

good parking with electricity at Pegas

Photo gallery Pegas Golf Club.

youngsters have good trainers at Pegas Golf club
6,50 voor 100 balls at golf club Pegas
perfect training spot at Pegas Golf Club
good trainings round on golf course Pegas

Website & Contact:

Pegas Golf Club – SLOWAKIA – *9 holes*

Played during the ‘365 Days of Golf’ road trip, played on the 19th of May. Read more about it on the blog of ‘365 Days of Golf’

Pegas Golf Club
Potočná 942
900 55 Lozorno
Tel.: + 421/ 917 624 876
or manager: Michal Oravec + 421/ 905 299 396

Green fee prices:

Greenfee: € 12,- weekend: € 15,- for 9 holes.
Entrance practice facilties: € 2,-
Bucket of 100 balls: € 6,50

Notes & Remarks:

Be aware that you aim for the right tee on hole 9, don’t aim for the green from hole 1.
Don’t pass the entrance road, there is now sign mentioning the golf course, only a yellow flag.
Hole 1 and hole 7 have the same tee.

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