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the board of the Peelse Golf

Ger, Arjan, Frans and Ad on the terrace of the Peelse Golf in Evertsoord.

Day 4 is mainly dominated by media appointments. We’re invited by Ad Roest of the Peelse Golf in Evertsoord (North part of Limburg, most Southern province of the Netherlands), were we have lunch, play golf and have dinner. We hardly have parked the campervan or the first camera crew is in front of our doorstep. They quickly take turns:  L1 (de locale Limburgse omroep), an interview and a photo shoot with Dagblad de Limburger and television recordings for Hart van Nederland. In the mean while we know a bit how it works and we interfere a little bit with the direction of the recordings. We crib how the camera crew works and learn a lot extra things about recording a video.

We have lunch, together with the camera crew of ‘Hart van Nederland’  and afterwards we quickly start with the planned 18 holes. Because, also this camera crew is more concerned about making good phootish and cares less about what is going on the course itself, the marshal keeps on following us and insists on continuing our game. After three holes the recordings are ready and the crew has to go back to the editorial office to make a good video out of it. Finally only the photographer of the ‘Limburger’ stays for a couple of minutes longer for the last photo session.

During this shoot Carmen (a friend out of Crete) arrives;  my caddie of today. She joins a part of the round, but when it’s getting to cold, she goes together with Irene inside to warm up. Together with the gentlemen of the Peelse Golf (Ad, Frans and Ger) I finish the round and enjoy it completely, despite the fatigue which slowly starts to take its roll. Finally we enter the club house after 7 pm and decide that, after a well deserved shower, we take place at the dining table. In the shower I even get a gift from Ad; forty golf balls. You better get something in the shower!

After a lovely dinner with asparagus out of Limburg and viewing our item on L1 (the local Limburg television company) we leave around 8 pm. We have had an amazing day, learned a lot, had very special conversations, played a lovely game off golf and are therefore nicely exhausted. We drive back to Son and Breugel, were we may stay the night at Nathalie and Maarten and their kids. The campervan can, also here, ideally be parked connected to the electricity. We view our performance on ‘Omroep Brabant’ (also a local television channel of the province Noord Brabant) and at 11.30 pm I have a interview by phone with Radio 1, which is going to be broadcast at 3.55 am. This time we won’t wake up for this in the middle of the night, that is somewhat to much after such a day.


Impression video of the Peelse Golf…