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the first thing I saw, standing on a parking place

The above picture was the first thing I saw this morning when I looked out of my window.
Amazing isn’t it.
I changed my routine a little bit. I started driving in the morning and the evening and during the afternoon playing a course or working on-line in the club house. It’s better for my campervan. Driving during the day makes the motor too hot and then I really can’t get faster than 70 km/h. It is all ‘part of the adventure’.
So in the evening I park somewhere in a quiet forest or on a village square and I can make these lovely pictures.

Leaving Czech Republic behind

czech-flagWhat a beautiful country I passed in the last two weeks. And what an opportunities it has for everyone who is looking for a country side or a (second) house (around) or nearby a golf course.
Friendly people who have trouble speaking English and German, but they all try and stay polite and helpful.
Too many courses to choose from.

I stuck to my line of Slovakia-Dresden in my goal to get to Sweden with my tour by the middle of June. Sometimes I was thinking; why do I rush, I can stay a day longer.
But the fact that I couldn’t really talk to anybody started to bother me. Because Irene went to Zurich and so from the beginning of this week I travel alone. Difficult and hard to get used to. Too much time to think and (re)consider. I made kind of the decision that I will see when I am back from Sweden and touring through Holland.

Golf wise I had an awful week. Playing in the rain and for the last couple of days all my shots went airborne. Patience is the word I think. Keep on practising and then there will be a moment.
In the mean while I am driving through Germany. The east part between Dresden and Berlin. Because I avoid the big cities and highways I am used to drive through little villages and beautiful forests. Here it is completely different. Perfect asphalt and very straight roads, but oh so boring. Nothing to see for miles. Because the roads go slightly upwards my camper really has a hard time to get there.
I notice I am trigged by the history of this country and its people. Realizing what freedom is and what I can do because of the freedom to travel. Yesterday I spoke with the club house lady about this past. What is better? Her answer wasn’t straight away; this.

Strange by the way; working in a golf club house and not playing golf yourself. And that in a club situation where everything else is done voluntarily. Anyway, receptionist are not my partners in this tour. Most of the time (read; always) I walk in, explain my tour concepts and goals and than… she has to call, because she can’t decide. Maybe you think; yeah, but you should have written an e-mail on forehand. Well, can tell you. Did that a lot, but no answers for about 95%, so I can spend my time in a better way.

Last point I would like to mention in this week’s blog post.

volunteers make it beautiful around the parking placeI start to notice what makes the difference between a nice and less nice golf course (IN MY OPINION !)
Apart from the very, very few courses where the greens are crap and the fairways are not mowed, these parts of the venue are always ok. What makes the difference is the maintenance around the course and especially the club house and parking place. Examples: hole signs not painted or rusty, little pieces of grass between the tiles on the terraces and parking place, no decoration on the tables on the terrace, messy buildings where the green keepers have their stuff, muddy paths to walk on.
I know it’s all about the money, but in my opinion it needs only one person for this (full time job) to keep all these tiny little things in order. Or you can find a small group of volunteers whose hobby it is to keep their course in the nicest way possible.

But probably to avoid the extra costs of labour and organization, all these little things have to be done by the personnel that is already there and they all have better things to do in their main job description.
Some of my experiences and thoughts, you hear from me next week, probably from Sweden.


this is the sky line, before I went to bed that night…..

thank you mother nature