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living the dream on the way to Sweden



The question is: was it ever my dream?

Because I never used that word and suddenly it was there…. Everybody was telling me that I was going to make my dream come true. Strange. What social media can do, because for me it was just a way of combining some of my wishes; travelling, see different courses and most importantly playing golf every day, to get my handicap to the level of a golf teaching pro .

I knew that it would be difficult when I started, because I had no savings at the moment I started and still no sponsor who wanted to cover the trip. I had some other ideas to make money during the trip, but so far it didn’t work out as I expected. One of the ideas was to sell videos to the golf course managers. Who, as I learned during the first 2 months, I hardly get to see, when I arrive at a golf course. From the beginning of the trip my intuition told me that this idea was not working and that the money had to come via another way.

We tried hard. I may write we, because in the meanwhile Irene and Robert were also involved in contacting companies, organizations and board members to inform them about the possibility of free publicity and a lot of ‘content marketing’, what is the new holy word in internet marketing.

But I have to write regretfully, except from RedlineGolf and you, Andy, and some small donations (for which I am really grateful) there was no money coming in.

Loft 73 in 's-Hertogenbosch, RedLine Golf, Wirtshaus Elten, DJ Events

But it didn’t stop me, because I wanted to make this trip work, even though it felt nothing like a dream. From the little money I had saved I bought my old campervan and hoped it was still in good condition. It turned out the other way and after one week this hope vanished and the cost of the repairs took almost half of my budget.

Still no reason to surrender, so from Italy I went up north, because there I was sure that I didn’t have to pay any Green-fee, because you took care for that. By doing so, one of my other basic ideas went done the drain; every 30 km a golf course. In ‘high speed’ I had my focus on reaching Sweden, on the go learning that many golf course managers don’t answer my request e-mails and that most receptionists are not decision makers.

But it worked. Learning by doing I created this line through Europe, were I was allowed to play on all these beautiful courses. BUT, not with other people, not accompanied by the golf pro, not by enthusiastic golf members. Maybe I could have done more for this, but because of the work I already had by writing the reviews and editing the videos it went on the side.

I learned that my project is not special enough, at least, that’s the feeling I have when I talk to people in the venues, IF I GOT TO TALK TO SOMEBODY.


So when my girl friend decided to go and do her own thing, my lonely life began. And for people that know me (a bit) that is pretty harsh for me. I am a social person, who needs people around him.

Even the very positive reactions from the managers I did speak to, on my NEW business idea of Campervan Golf Travel couldn’t help me wonder if I was doing the right thing. Because this is the main question running through my head every day. I do all this to get my golf skills to the level of teaching pro, but if I see them at work I don’t see myself standing there.

And then there are new problems with the campervan; it is not going faster than 70 km per hour any more (on the highway) and way below 70 on hilly terrain. My trust in this vehicle is vanishing day by day. So I want to take care that I am in Holland, before I cannot go further any more. In Holland my plan is again; accept any job I can get and still practice or play golf in my time off (and save money to come back to Sweden).

So Andy I am very sorry that I didn’t take the risk of driving another 1500 km in my camper and visit all these lovely people, you made enthusiastic about me. Surely that is one thing that will stay in my memory for ever. The two restaurants of your list I did visit were extremely warm and hospitable.



Romeleasens Golf Club


Tomelilla Golf Course


I don’t give up. I only made a change in my course of the road trip. My practice and playing will continue and Wicked Golfers will continue to grow, with or without the campervan subject. I do my utmost to come back to Sweden after I made the money and enjoy these lovely courses that your country has to offer.

In the mean while, I am living the dream.



Note for the readers; Andy Friberg runs a restaurant in Sweden called Mosslanda Pub. If you ever get the chance to visit Sweden, pass by and enjoy is hospitality.