an blog article about my nickname (s)

Who am I? with all these nicknames

Lately I am realizing that I am known to several people under a different name. And all of these names have a different story.

Last night I found a new one. Let me start with this one.

As I noticed, especially English people have difficulty pronouncing my official first name; Arjan. They try to repeat me twice and most of the time it ends up by calling me the washing powder Ariel or Ariane, the rocket of the European Space Agency. I gave up trying and even with the name Ar it is impossible to get to the same level of conversation.

Last night it happened again. So just before closing time in the restaurant of crazy daisy I asked again to help me find a good nickname for the English speaking community.

AJ was screamed and with this I can surely live. I checked with my Austrian colleague for the German version, and it was ok. In German it’s ridiculous: A- Jot, but the English pronunciation is so common that Austrians use this one as well. So from now on I will use this if people ask my name.

Ar – under the name of ‘Ar’ I have been living the last couple of years. My best mate San (Sander), abbreviated every name possible, so I became Ar and that’s how I have been living on Crete, Corfu and around the house as my girl friend Irene (‘I’ for her family) also calls me this.

But I have some more and they all have a small story:

Arie – in my years on the outdoor basketball field there were situations (for example during dividing the teams) that guys didn’t have a clou who Arjan was. I was Arie and I was a young and very excited new basketball player. Personally I didn’t like this nickname so much. So when I changed to a different basketball club I made sure that my original name was used.

Arnoldus – my first baptist name. A story on it’s own. As I learned a couple of years ago, my first official name is kind of a mistake. In the joy of my birth my father went to register me and, maybe with a little hangover, in the last moment he decided to give me an extra name. It should have been Johannes Louis Petrus. Me and my both grand fathers names. But he wanted to honour his grandmother who was called Arnolda. So I became Arnoldus. Thank god, it also started with an A, otherwise I would have had all this troubles with checking in at airports, like San has, because his name is officially Alexander (we almost missed flights, because of this).

a strange nickname for a man - SissiSissi – three years ago, when I was making video productions for the Crazy Daisy and helped out in the restaurant I walked in to start my job. Because I didn’t have my own cashier key I took the key of a colleague. By doing this I asked loudly: who shall I be today? It was Elly’s key, which comes from Elisabeth. So this last name was shown on the computer screen. Well I can tell you, if you have been to Vienna for five years in a row, because your mom loves ‘Kaiserin Elisabeth’ than for sure you know the name: Sissi. So I said: so I am Sissi today and from that moment on, there isn’t a day I walk into the restaurant and my dear colleagues welcome me with a huge smiley face: Servus Sissi !

B2 – Also with this nickname two friends of mine get a huge smile on their face. Especially Sil & Clau (Silvia en Claudia). A night out with to much Amstel and raki ended with a sexual adventure on the beach of Hersonissos. To be precise the Limin (=harbour) part of it. ‘Naar de klote’ (english= to be fucked up) as I always called it. As I woke up a couple of hours later, I noticed my new small Nokia mobile phone was stolen. ‘Zoe from Hoek’ (girl named Zoe working in the cafeteria Hoek van Holland 😉 ) helped me out with her old mobile. A huge one with an antenna. And as we all know if we’re from the end sixties of beginning seventies Bassie and Adriaan had the same one in their adventures.

‘B2 can you hear me’ became an expression for life. And I am stuck with this one. It was lately used on facebook; Clau having a après ski beer especially for me.

The Boxman – As vaigley acquaintances (vage kennissen) know, I am OK with kids, but I’m not having them and not asking for them. So when I went to visit Peggy she knew she had to put her new born in the box to be sure that I stayed calm and friendly during the game ‘Settlers of Catan’. So she said to Joy (which is English for the Greek name Xarloula) play nicely in your box, because the boxman is coming!

a nickname because of a new product

Mr. Routaki on Crete !

Mr. Routaki – in the days that the creative part of my Cretan route description product was over and I had to start selling, I created the name Arjan Routaki. So no wonder that if I walked into a bar or restaurant that people called me Mr. Routaki. The site is still online, so if you want to know about Cretan lifestyle. Check it out.

Wicked Ar – I am good in creating names. After a lot of Google research I came to the URL of thia website. The site for al golf facts and tips. As an important piece of the site is this blog about myself and my way to golf teaching pro, I thought it would be nice to give myself a funny name that suited the website. Maybe it’s better to change it now into Wicked AJ and translate the site into English.

Well, coming to the end of this blog piece of almost 1000 words I end with my original name:

Arjan Vera

and therefore you can read more about me on my personal website;  or under the same name my LinkedIN profile.

For now and as I did before….. I will listen to everything.

Greetings AJ


on the search of a nice picture for this blog piece I came upon the following quote:

McIlroy laughs off new nickname

Rory McIlroy has dismissed the idea that he fills Tiger Woods with fear, even though Woods, tongue firmly in cheek, has started calling him “The Intimidator”.

the two biggest golf players with their nickname

An as we all know Mr. Tiger Woods is all about a nickname (his real name is Eldrick Tont Woods). He was nicknamed Tiger in honour of his father’s friend Colonel Vuong Dang Phong, who had also been known as Tiger.

The editors of Golf Digest ranked their top-10 all-time nicknames, plus honourable mentions, which is followed by an expanded list of nicknames created over the last several decades.


Top 10

The Golden Bear: Jack Nicklaus

The Walrus: Craig Stadler

Boss of the Moss: Loren Roberts

Little Poison: Paul Runyan

The Big Easy: Ernie Els

Big Momma: Joanne Carner

Great White Shark: Greg Norman

Mr. X: Miller Barber

Champagne Tony: Tony Lema

The King: Arnold Palmer


Honorable Mention

The Squire: Gene Sarazen

The Hawk: Ben Hogan

The Silver Scot: Tommy Armour

Lord Byron: Byron Nelson

The Gilroy Cowboy: George Archer

Two Chip: T.C. Chen

Thunder: Tommy Bolt

Boom Boom: Fred Couples