What can life be different than expected!

When you start a plan like this, of course you have some ideas and expectations of how things will work out. At the moment everything is different. But we are having an adventure. On this blog we will post a weekly update from now on, because bloging every day is quite impossible with our schedule. Because we still would like to visit, every second day a different golf course.

And it would probably be boring to read every day about golfing, editing, searching for WiFi and fixing things in the camper. Not to forget the lovely daily meals, travelling to new places and having our thoughts about everything we see!

On Monday we played a lovely 9 holes at Bellosguardo Golf Course in Vinci (where we also brought a visit to Leonarda da Vinci’s birth place). In the evening we picked up the camper and started our way to Prato where we had to return our rental car. We were still way behind on our editing schedule, but we tried to fill all our time outside the course to be efficient and work a lot to get everything on line.

On Tuesday we arrived at the beautiful golf course of UNA Poggio dei Medici, where we practised in the afternoon and played 18 (tough!) holes the next morning. A really beautiful course with a lot of hills and difficult holes, a real challenge for me. I didn’t have a really great golf day, so I lost a lot of balls in the bushes and the water.

On Thursday we arrived at Golf Club Molino del Pero. A really friendly golf club with very nice people, who invited us immediately in as if we were their family. So I practised my swing and putting skills on the driving range and green. It also was a good place to do some editing and try to work on line. There was Wifi, but didn’t work for us. We learned that Wifi in Italy actually only works in the bigger cities (and especially not in rural areas where the golf courses are situated). At night we had dinner in their lovely restaurant.
The next morning at 7.30 am we walked 18 holes. What a great moment to start your round! Birds singing, clouds moving away and the sun rising slowly over the hills. We absolutely loved this round.


Tuscany - beautiful scenery and beautiful courses

On Friday we started our way to Argenta Golf Club, we first headed to Bologna to have some Wifi, which again didn’t work out, so we decided to use our 3G internet card to start uploading the video’s. We stayed the night in Medicina at a very peculiar parking spot. The next morning (after a night with a lot of heavy rain) we drove the last part of the road to Argenta and had a really warm welcome again. Just like Molino del Pero this club is like one big family. Both courses try to connect younger people to the sport, which makes it nice to just be around for us.

On Sunday morning (again an early start) I walked 18 holes on this (very flat) course, so I had enough time to get all the reviews on line from the first days. You’ll find all the links in this post, so you can watch all the video’s we created until now.

It is a lot of work, because we are still a bit behind on our schedule of playing and posting one course a day. After some weeks we found a nice rhythm in driving one day to a course, practising my skills, playing 18 holes the next day in the morning and then start our way to the next course. The camper is a bit slow, so driving takes some time (especially in the hills of Tuscany), but while driving we have enough time to enjoy the scenery or work a bit.