MY blog will move from to Wicked Golfers



Not because my adventures are over. But because I learn that having all these websites ( and TourTravellers.TV = deleted) is to much. So I am going to focus on one website: Wicked

(and post on my personal fb – on LinkedIn/linkedgolf and on Twitter)


And while you live, you learn. Otherwise you’re not living….


learning that selling video’s to golf course (managers) is not a business. So I am investigating if their is a business in …..




wicked golfers campervans, a lifestyle with adventures

new adventures, maybe in de campervan industry?

so Wicked Golfers gets maybe an extension in CGT

Wicked Golfers CGT


and I will keep you informed in English and Dutch on this blog.





We see that there is enough space around the courses (on the parking spots) to stay with a camper, like we are doing now almost every night. So I created a new idea of Camper Golf Travel (which actually has been in my head for quite some time). It is a combination of all my jobs in tourism. Big question is, is there a market for travelling with a camper,visiting golf courses in a group, in beautiful areas like Tuscany or other parts of Europe. What do you think? Is there a group of golfers who wants to go on holiday with like-minded people, travelling around in a camper? Please let me know!

See you and hear from you…..