Today is all about fixing our ‘small’ problem with the camper. We are stuck on a beautiful parking place, surrounded by olive trees, silence and nature. We slowly start our day, while we wait for the people of the golf course to arrive and see if they know somebody that can have a look at our clutch.

That doesn’t work out, so after a couple of hours I decide to listen to Irene and call the ANWB, the Dutch roadside assistance service. They are very helpful and arrange to have somebody here within two hours. So in the meanwhile I have the time to practise my putting on the putting green, and I make some very nice shots! They don’t take this away from me today, whatever happens with the camper!

Irene is still hoping they will fix the problem at the spot, but I’m sure that they have to take us to a garage. Unfortunately I am right and in no time the camper is on the truck and we’re heading down the small and narrow road in the front seats of the truck. What an excitement…..

from Montecatini Golf to Montecatini Terme by ‘Wegenwacht service’

When we arrive at the garage in Montecatini Terme they are closing for lunch, so we are going to look for a bank, a lunch spot and maybe some WiFi. All are quite difficult to find… But in the end we find everything except the WiFi. We are surprised. In Holland you’ll find wifi everywhere. Here it’s not easy to find. But on the other hand, we learn to manage without it.

Around 3pm we return at the garage to hear what is the verdict. They already told us a couple of times that the camper is VERY OLD. And yes, that’s what we learned at our first episode at the other garage (only one week ago). We are waiting, the ANWB is calling us several times and finally we get the verdict. The clutch has to be replaced and the costs will be ….. € 1.000,00…… oh and, they can’t fix it before Monday……

garage service at montecatini terme

This is for both of us a big set back, but quite quickly we decide to fix it, otherwise we won’t get anywhere at all. The ANWB is going to arrange a rental car for us, so we can move around while we are waiting for the camper to be mended. Only thing….. we have to pick it up in Lucca (which is about 30 kilometers away from Montecatini Terme). So we arrange a taxi, and move quickly to Lucca, it’s past 5pm now and we have to be there before 6.30pm. Hopefully they won’t have traffic jams or road works here….

We manage to get there in time and we get a really new car that only drove 2000 kilometers till now… What a difference;-) We make a sightseeing tour through Tuscany on our way back to the camper that is parked on a ‘beautiful’ place just outside the garage.

We do some shopping along the way for an easy and quick meal in the camper and we are off to bed early, what a tiring, but exciting day!!!