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Compilation made on April 25, 2014.

Overall impression

The road to Montecatini Golf brings some challenges for older cars, especially camper vans. The road is narrow and steep and not maintained at all. After you saw the last sign to the golf course you absolutely don´t believe you´re on the right way, but you are! And then, there it is, quiet, peaceful and well hidden. The golf course of Montecatini Golf (but don’t get confused, because it is located near Monsummano Terme).

There is a very good putting green in front of the clubhouse/ restaurant. You can look out over the first holes of the course. Very beautiful views over the Tuscany hills. The driving range is on the other side of the club house, near hole 10.

The course starts with a par 4 of almost 300 meters. It´s heading down hill but it has a wide fairway, so a good and not too difficult one to play. The second one is up hill again and that´s the story of this course, a lot of climbing and descending hills, so after 9 holes we feel like we really did some sports. This was also related to the beautiful and warm weather of this day. The track is nearly 6000 meters and contains natural water obstacles, which play a role in five of the eighteen holes. And water is not the only obstacle you will encounter; there are high trees, vegetations, and some tricky out of bounds. Hole three is said to be one of the most difficult of the course, a Par 4 of a bit more than 300 meters. A left dogleg with water on the right and three bunkers on the fairway.
The first 9 holes are very interesting and challenging, because there are a lot of obstacles or not foreseen changes in the course. Besides the tricky 10th and 18th hole (because you have to cross the lake) the second 9 are easy compared to the first 9.

My opinion about Montecatini Golf:

8.5 out of 10 stars

Friendliness:9 out of 10 stars
Accessibility:4 out of 10 stars
Atmosphere:8 out of 10 stars
Challenge:8 out of 10 stars
Overall maintenance:8 out of 10 stars
Maintenance fairways:8.5 out of 10 stars
State of Greens:8.5 out of 10 stars


overview of 18 holes at Montecatini Golf


hole – Yellow – Red hole – Yellow – Red
hole 01 – 285 – 262 hole 10 – 328 – 299
hole 02 – 345 – 312 hole 11 – 250 – 204
hole 03 – 317 – 293 hole 12 – 311 – 291
hole 04 – 403 – 328 hole 13 – 411 – 301
hole 05 – 176 – 146 hole 14 – 318 – 254
hole 06 – 420 – 393 hole 15 – 158 – 114
hole 07 – 196 – 160 hole 16 – 314 – 294
hole 08 – 508 – 437 hole 17 – 465 – 409
hole 09 – 334 – 294 hole 18 – 150 – 93
Total 5677 m – 4884 m Par 72


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Photo gallery Montecatini Golf Course

country club and restaurant Montecatini Golf
over the water to reach the club house at Montecatini Golf
nice buildings surrounding Montecatini Golf
perfect practise facilities at Montecatini Golf Course

Website & Contact:

Montecatini Golf – ITALY – *18 holes*

Golf course is played in the ‘365 Days of Golf’ road trip, played on the 25th of April. Read more about it on AJ’s blog posts.

Montecatini Golf
Montecatini Golf – Via dei Brogi, 32
Loc. Pievaccia
51015 – Monsummano Terme (PT)

website: www.montecatinigolf.com
e-mail: info@montecatinigolf.com
Tel.: +39 0572 62218 – Cell.3291790808

Green fee prices:

Green fee: 9 holes € 65,- 18 holes € 65,-

Notes & Remarks:

* The way to the golf club is very difficult to find. Navigation systems don’t recognise the street.

Don’t drive to Montecatini Terme, but look for signs in Monsumanno Terme.
* Free WiFi available
* Wellness area
* Showers and changing rooms for members and guest separated.

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