Wicked AJ enjoys himself on Montecatini Golf

The surroundings in front of the garage aren’t really great, but we had a very good night sleep and we sleep a little longer then normal. We start the day working in the camper, and we figure out that it is a public holiday today! The 25th of April is liberation day in Italy. So now we know the reason they can’t fix the camper today….. And we also realise that probably everything is closed today. We decide to stay ‘at home’ in the morning and go golfing in Montecatini Terme at the course that is called Montecatini Golf and Country Club, in the afternoon.

We do a lot of work in the morning, because from the camper we even have a little WiFi from the garage at some moments. After our lunch we are heading to Montecatini Golf to play 18 holes. I tried some new things with my camera, so hopefully the problems with hazy images will be solved. I always learn by doing, but I don’t want it to take a lot of time. So I’m frustrated already for a couple of days that I don’t seem to get a grip on the right settings on our camera. We drive without any problems in our rental car to the golf course and see that there are a lot of people. But we are lucky because there is enough space for us to start our round of 18 holes.

beautiful club house at montecatini golf
amazing views of the course

18th hole montecatini golf
Montecatini Golf and Country Club is a beautiful course with very long holes and beautiful views on all of them. It’s also a real challenge for us, because of the hills that create the course. After 9 holes we take a small break in the restaurant to prepare ourselves for the last 9 holes. We are really excited about this course, because now golf is really a sport and a challenge. While the first 9 holes were mainly challenging because of trees and hills, on hole 10 I have to cross a lake of about 120 meters and I always get a little nervous with water, so my first swing is terrible and at the second I cross the lake, but loose my ball in the bushes surrounding the lake. The next 9 holes are less challenging in terms of distance and hills, but all the holes have something that gets me out of my concentration.

Overall it’s a brilliant day on a brilliant course. We can smile and enjoy despite the problems ‘at home’.

We wrote a review and made a video about Montecatini Golf.