Friday afternoon…… I’m relaxing at the bar next to our office, drinking an iced cappuccino and reading some yoga magazines looking for information to use on my new to build website (more about that later this week). I take a first sip of my cappuccino and Arjan arrives with a not so happy face, he just got back from the Corfu golf course….

Oh oh, I think, this is not good….. I hoped he would be extremely happy after spending some hours filming and being on a golf course. But no, there is something on his mind and he doesn’t want to tell me straight away. So I offer him a coffee, ask him to join me and ask him to try to tell me what´s on his mind.

At first he doesn’t want to tell me anything, he is still figuring out what he feels, but after a couple of minutes he starts to talk….

greenkeepers do their work at Corfu Golf Course

Greenkeepers do a fine job at Corfu Golf

I went to the course and immediately ran into the manager, which was good. I asked him if I could start filming and it was ok. So I started walking around and I take a good look at the course. The best thing, I didn’t hear anything. That’s definitely one of the USP’s of this course. Looking around I see that the course is well maintained, and the greens are neat and green. Even though in this time of year the trees start getting brown and there are some things around the course that need a little attention.

After a couple of minutes I am confronted with a green keeper asking me what I´m doing. I tell her I have permission from the manager and I can continue. I see the green keepers working to keep the course in shape and keep people away that shouldn’t be there. Lucky I had permission of the golf manager. This is something to keep in mind, if I don’t combine it with playing a round of golf.

corfu golf has some reparations to do

a bench that can use some attention

After a while I saw some tractors (clear in sight) and I started making pictures of them. These old fashioned models didn’t create a nice sight, so the manager asked me why I was filming them. It was fine, when I told him that I used this sight to practise with the settings of my camera. This was the moment I stopped filming and started thinking, because it is clear that the manager would like to have a promotional video, with only the beautiful parts of the course.


So I asked myself, do I want this? Do I only want to film the pretty things under the perfect conditions? Or do I want to show the course as I experience it. Two completely different things, I realised. And I think I really like it better when I can show my visitors the way I experience it.

After that moment with every step I took, I thought about how the course could change this and that, to make the course better and more beautiful. I realised I don’t want to be a ‘consultant’, telling people how to makes things better. I just want to make a film, but that’s what I always start to do, when I think it can be done better.

I have the feeling that it works best for me when I can tell my own story about a course and not create a video with the most beautiful points of a course. So now I am pretty confused.´

And I understood. Months we have been thinking about this ‘product’ and now we started with only one course and it gives a whole different idea of reality. We created this product to work in a field we are passionate about. But we also want to create ‘the perfect job’.

Making this video is the start of something to think about. Do we want to tell the truth, or do we want to make promotional videos?

For today I will leave you all with this question. We are talking about it a lot and will come to an answer one of these days. If you have any ideas how to create a business model by telling the truth and not depend on the income of a golf course, we are listening!!