recording my own interview

My interview in front of Grand Hotel, Zell am See

It was so bloody hot that I had to open a window.

Of course it was not hot at all, but I had sweaty hand, sitting there in front of a camera with next to it, a pillow with a piece of paper pinned on it, to show the questions that had to be answered.

My G.. what was it difficult in the beginning. The night before I couldn’t sleep and had the most marvellous ideas about how to make an interview-style-like documentary of my ‘365 Days of Golf’ plans. But than I choked. Getting up, walking around, swearing a bit (what you can hear on your recordings afterwards) and got my act together.

and than, suddenly, it comes out like a waterfall. In a natural way, with eeehs en oohs.

It took me three days to edit the whole thing. Pictures in my head showed me the way and I am pretty sure that if I had made it in Pinnacle studio 16 it would have been done in a day. But I am learning to edit in Adobe Premier Pro which is a huge program with a lot of possibilities. Takes a bit of time to learn all of it.

On the end I decided to also make a TRAILER version, because my expectations tells me that in the fast Facebook world seven minutes for an interview is far to long. So I found an other music theme on Free Music Archive with the correct Creative Commons license so that for sure I won’t get block or spammed by Youtube. And that’s takes also a couple of hours, to learn that, get it right and mention it right on your site and channel (to be honest I still have to do it properly).

When I posted it on Facebook I was very curious who would really click on the link to see the video and more interesting who would use the link to see the full 7 minutes.



I’am going to check my data in Google Analytics and be back with you.


In the mean while you may watch the TRAILER and the FULL video interview.

haha Enjoy.

Greetings, Arjan