Today we are leaving the first part of our tour. We’re crossing the borders between Italy and Austria. One thing is for sure, Italy is a great country for golfing, it has beautiful courses to visit! We had such a great time at all the courses we visited, lovely and friendly people, beautiful courses in all regions we visited and the tour through Italy was at most of the moments really beautiful.

We are ready for the next part in our trip, we’re going through Austria the next week. Austria is a well know area for me, but now we are here in spring time and it looks completely different from what we know. It will be great to experience this country in another season.

the courses in Italy are beautifulThe last days in Italy we have seen all sorts of courses, the posh ones and the simple ones. We had more difficulties to find courses to play, but we still play every day and even Irene started her first round this week. She has a great swing for the video’s, which you can see in the video of Castel d’Aviano Golf Club.

Last week ended in Argenta and from there we went to Valsanzibio, an area which is called Golfers Village. We wanted to go to Golf Club Padova (because a lot of people told us that it is a great course), but it was closed on Monday, so we went to Terme di Galzignano Golf Club instead. In the meanwhile we brought a quick visit to the famous gardens of Italy.

The next day we went to Golf Club Padova to see if we could play there, very posh and well maintained, but absolutely not our cup of tea. Because we had some difficulties to reach the director of this club, we decided not to wait for her and look for another course on our road. The first one we wanted to go to was Asolo Golf Club. Quite a drive, because we decided to speed up our pace a bit to 100 km a day. Asolo Golf Club was closed that day for visitors, so another set back that day. We finally went to Montebelluna Golf Club, a 9 holes course. This was the first course we visited that was really simple and plain and probably only interesting for local people. We decided to only practise that day, and move to Castel d’Aviona the next day. There we had a very warm welcome again and we were invited to play 18 holes the next morning. A very lovely course in a not so pretty environment.

Good to tell all of you readers is that we are up to date with our reviews. So the schedule can become less intense and we can focus on more things that we like to do!!

Business wise the first weeks are very inspiring. We are very easily invited to play on all the courses, which makes the first weeks very pleasant, we play golf really every day and the people are enthusiastic about our project. On the other hand, we see that all these courses are empty a lot of times during the day.

So promotion of the golf sport, golf travel and the courses is something very valuable for everyone who has a business in this sport.