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Where to start to describe these last amazingly four weeks?
I think in Sweden. Because some of you may still think I am touring around over there. Far away from the trued, because I am about 4000 km more southwards on the island of Crete.
How did I end up here?

Well in Sweden I took the decision that I would stop with my round trip. This didn’t mean that I would stop with my goal of playing 365 consecutive days of golf, or my main goal: becoming professional golf instructor.
On my ‘way back’ to Holland I also had very special days with people I knew in the north of Germany. The course that I played over there, is reviewed and described as being the last one on this site.

good restaurant in Germany, just over the boarder with Holland, the end goal of my round tripSubsequently I drove, in a pretty fast speed, towards Elten, where my best mate is working since a couple of months in in the new restaurant of other friends of mine. [Advise; Wirtshaus Elten – just over the boarder between Arnhem and Nijmegen.] When I arrived there my mobile home really let me down and didn’t want to start any more. So again I called the Dutch help service for automobilists. This time it were the little contact points, which had to be changed.

It had to be this way. The round trip was round, because we paid here also a visit, after our in-official start, when they were building the place and so we (my girl friend and I) had left Holland here for our round trip through Europe.
But before I could take a look at the restaurant and could see how beautiful the place had become, my girl friend had first some news for me. She wanted to stop with our relationship and had, in her opinion, good reasons for this. I was shocked, because it came unexpected. I felt that something was going on, but not in these proportions.

After a good conversation we have decided to each go our own way and try to reach both our own goals. (about the ones of Irene you can read on her personal Dutch site, which she is translating into English at the moment.)
Together we drove to the restaurant and enjoyed the lunch together, where at that moment the services had difficulty handling the rush hour. I offered to help and that was very much appreciated.

It resulted in a trip to North Holland for my (ex) girlfriend and I parked the campervan in front of the door of Yvonne and Freek with the deal that I would help them out in the restaurant, so they could create some rest in their busy schedules.
I drove to the golf course that afternoon and have been sitting there on a bench like a zombie and let it all come in.
“What now?” was my mean thought. What arose very strongly was the word Crete. The island where I always lived and worked with pleasure and where I left precisely four years ago to start a new adventure in the sailing business together with my girl friend.

When I, later that evening, with the enjoyment of a good glass of wine, explained this to Yvonne, her conclusion was very simple; you stay here till you earned your ticket and in the mean while you find work on Crete. The flight times she had already worked out. I got exactly one week 🙂
And so it went. Huge advantage on the side was, that Freek arranged that I could sell my campervan, without endeavour anything for it. So I didn’t have any obligations any more and nothing stood in my way to go to Crete to work and to play golf.

Organised my stuff and checked in my golf bag, the cash for my campervan in the pocket, so ready to go.

new employer on CreteDuring my search for work, I learned very quickly that my network lies on Crete. Within a couple of minutes I had 7 Facebook windows open with suggestions for work. One of them was very concrete and of a Dutch boss; host/bouncer at the door of party pub ‘Hof van Holland’.

Now you maybe will think; what? Bouncer/ doorman at a bar? Precisely!

I took the job en because of that my income and place to sleep were arranged and I was on Crete, what felt really good. All what happened over there you can read in mynext blog post.

p.s. for the golf fans: don’t worry I am still playing golf.