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What a year it was. 2014. A year I’ll never forget; A winter season, my golf tour, the breaking up with my girl friend, going back to Crete, finding a job as a golf instructor, my WorkAway trip through Andalusia and…

Going back to Zell am See, to do exactly the same as what I did when I left the town in March….

Lovely restaurant and good live musikBecause…. Nathalie of Crazy Daisy asked me during my stay in Granada if I still was available for the winter months.
JAWOHL !!!! was my answer and so I ended up doing the combination of two jobs these last three weeks, the same as I did last winter. That’s is also the reason why it has been a little quiet with improvements and editing on this site. Working double jobs, didn’t give me any time and energy to write some copy.

So, back as a waiter in the Villa and also back on top of the Schmitten as an instructor. With killing feet because, as I learned, my body has produced some extra bones. It’s really time for some new ski boots, but my interests of spending money goes to other issues.
AJ with ski helmetI already had to spend some money on something that I don’t really want to; a ski helmet. It’s a rule of the ski school so I couldn’t really go around it.

Hopefully I can save enough for ‘the year around member ship card of the Costa Navarino Dunes and Bay golf courses‘.


My ticket is bought; First of March I will fly from Munich to Kalamata to start painting and decorating Giálova Gardens. This is so far the ‘working title’ of the apartments I’m going to live in, renovate and concierge for this summer.

As I was mainly a painter in Granada, I’m more and more experienced in improving the quality of these, already beautiful apartments. The more I read about the region, the more I’m looking forward to go there.

The first one, named Josefine is already online for rent via the website of Belvilla. The pictures used on that site momentarily are outdated, but as soon as we can make new ones we will exchange them. Via this site and my fb page I’ll keep you updated with the improvements. So you don’t have to wonder any more where to go this summer; Giálova at the Bay of Navarino is YOUR NEW SUMMER DESTINATION. You are more than welcome!!!
We’re also still looking for people who like to come and help us, in exchange for a lovely holiday week, at the same time or later in the year.

your new SUMMER destination

Just send me a message or leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll help you with the booking.


Now that the huge ‘Jänner Loch’ (=January whole) here in Zell am See has started I have time to work out my future plans. To give you an idea I made a photo of my ‘mind mapping and brainstorming tool’.
keywords are;

Some of these terms will sound familiar and some of them are new. The future will tell which items earns the most attention.


In the mean while I am enjoying myself playing tennis with San (and finally start to win some sets 😉 ) fixing some website for a local hotel and hiking around the lake in a beautiful sunshine.

beautiful views on the gletcher and zell am see

Wish you all the best for 2015 and hope to welcome you in Giálova, with or without your golf clubs.