It’s already half past 11, so at the end of a long day, a story about almost everything that happened today, written by my girlfriend Irene;

The morning was quite relaxed, we had a lot of time to prepare things for another week on the sea, tell our guests (only one boat this week) where we were going today. We just left the gas station when we got a call from our clients; they told us they had a problem with their sail. They were still quite close to the harbour, so we went out to help them…

Unfortunately their sail was ripped. So we had to go back with the two boats to change the sail. Arjan was slightly disappointed, he had hoped we would be early in Sayada (a picturesque fisherman’s village just under the Albanian border) to watch golf. Because Joost Luiten (Holland’s Next Golf Hero) was about to win the KLM Open (also known as the Dutch open).

Luckily we just bought a couple of new cards for our wifi-system so he could ‘watch’ the match during our trip to Sayada, by looking at the online score boards. While he was ‘watching’ golf, I was busy revising my book Natuurlijk! Eten! into a sugar-free edition.

After a couple of hours I heard somebody yelling in the cabin of our boat and I realised that we had a winner! Joost Luiten really won the KLM Open. A big surprise for everybody, because there hadn’t been a Dutch golf player winning this tournament for the last 10 years.

joost luiten the winner of the klm openWe celebrated it with a drink with our guests and we presented them the first edition of Natuurlijk! Eten! Besides a conversation about food we discovered that both of the couples have a camper, to travel around Europe (which is very interesting for us at this moment, because it has something to do with our new plan, more about that later of course).

While I was preparing for dinner I received a message that we have the possibility to stay in a really nice villa in France in November. During dinner we had a good discussion about one of the subjects we want to address with our project.

Not bad for a Sunday!!

Sleep tight and talk to you soon!!