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On the 15th of April we had an item about ‘365 Days of Golf’ on the regional television of Limburg (L1).

Click on the picture to be redirected to the site of L1, were you can watch the video

Media attention by L1

Three reporters out of the region of Limburg.

Translation of the text of L1, which is on the page where the photo is linked to:

On the Course of Golf Club de Peelse Golf in Evertsoord will happen the start of ‘365 Days of Golf’. Golfer Arjan Vera will travel through Europe en will play golf for a minimum of one year every day. The goal is to visit as many courses as possible throughout Europe. His golf tour starts officially in Italy, but Tuesday the unofficial start will take place in Evertsoord. Vera travels together with his girlfriend Irene van Gent. “We will visit the golf courses that invite us, in that way it will stay payable. In exchange for a green fee and a meal, we will make a video of the course and will public this on the website WickedGolfers.com”.