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AJ = lucky person Sitting in the train on my way to my second host, I realize that I am a very lucky and wealthy person. Living a life with all these opportunities.

Just left from Seville train station, once again a beautiful building like there are so many in Seville.
My conclusion so far; this city is on top of my list of the most gorgeous cities I have ever seen. And in the mean while I may write; I have seen a lot.


Is it my place to be? Probably not, because I learned once again that I’m not a city person. I find it really amazing how people can live in their own prisons. What I mean by this; all houses have fences and walls around them, nothing has an open sight. My host Miguel calls it;”keeping my privacy”. My opinion is that everybody is so afraid of burglaries that the result is that not the bad guys live behind bars, but everybody else.
barns-in-front-of-windowsShown on the pictures, this even occurs in the villages. Well little cities I can better write, because villages as I know them from Crete don’t exist here. There is country side with A LOT OF olive trees (hmmm, what’s new?) and then walls, with houses inside. Not my style.

My first WorkAway host did really his best to make my stay as convenient as possible. Extra vegetables were bought and even some beers were put in the fridge. As a former Spanish airbase colonel, Miguel is living with basic standards. Pity that I didn’t get to know his wife, because she was mainly working away from home. And with my Mexican room mate I didn’t speak more than five sentences per day, so it was not a party time place. Lovely conversations I had with the AirBnB guests that came along during my stay. British, German, Russian and when I left two Aussies just moved in. That brought me a great Pizza night with Halloween, a flamenco night without dancing 🙁 and thoughts about considering Australia as a domicile.


A word that maybe describes best the last three weeks. Because I’ve been mainly working alone I had lots of time to think about everything and nothing. There were times it made me really crazy. I realize it’s all a form of wealth; being able to choose. I try to give it time and have the trust that it will be ok. After all….. IT IS OK…..at the moment.

During my time off I used the metro system and visited the city. Made some photo reportage and was surprised about the comments that I got on FB. Pitifully the trip to Huelva was cancelled because Miguel has had the flue for the last two weeks. He lent me his car, so at least I could drive through Andalusia and visit some golf courses.
One of the mean considerations of going to this region was the expectation that here is full year around (touristic) business. Well you can imagine my disappointment when I learned that in the region of Huelva hotels are also closed during these months and golf courses are deserted.

Together with the help of Miguel and Cinamon (a women I met via couchsurfing.org) we wrote to six golf courses offering my services in a WorkAway style. Once again I learned that golf course managers are never ‘in their seats’ or not interested in an alternative way of improving their facilities. And that while there has to be a lot of work done, because the state of the buildings around the courses isn’t the best any more. Everybody is blaming the crises. I think that is a very bad excuse and as the Dutch expressions says; ‘my hands were itching’ to start cleaning up the place. It can all change tomorrow if one of these managers realize that I’m willing to start to use all my knowledge and labour for just a bed, some meals and training hours. Who knows…

lots of work to be done on golf courses in Andalusia

In the evenings I reconstructed this website. The build-up is ready. New sub-slogan:


Now the pages can be filled with useful information for my future golf students and affiliate products for the random visitors. Hopefully the internet connection with my next hosts is ok, so I can do some work.

One more hour in this train and than Karen will pick me up at the station of Álora. An English couple that can use a hand on the farm in the mountains north west of Málaga. Let’s see what this workaway_logobrings me.

Keep you posted.

Greetz AJ


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Impression of Seville- Andalusia