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When I arrived at Crete I was picked up by golf teacher Ed van Kampen. Ed is a colleague, boss and a well know acquaintance in the 13 seasons I spent on Crete. As manager in his restaurant “Brasserie het Leidseplein” the golf sport was often mentioned, because he always walked in with his golf trousers and explained his experiences about the sport. Ed is one of the persons, who had got me so far to make my goal to become a golf teaching pro.

golf teacher to be at the Crete Golf ClubIn his car Ed explains that there are huge changes ahead on the Crete Golf Course. The 42 owners will all be bought out and one owner will be replacing them all, and this is somebody who deserved his stars in the tourism industry, by managing the second biggest airline company of Greece;  Aegean Airlines and by managing the car rental company Herz.

All good news and I have straight away the feeling that this is something I want to part of. Part of the Renaissance, as it’s called here.


I have to come by quickly, because they would like to try to sell some extra green fees during these three high seasons months and for this the receptions of the hotels have to be informed and provided with leaflets.

A nice part time job, for which in return I may use all the facilities of the golf course. So I can pick up my goal of playing every day golf again. A goal which, because of the situation with my girl friend and the change of destination, had become a little bit on the background.

After some talks with the head pro and the interim manager it was decided I was suitable for this job and so I went on my way with my scooter. A object of transportation which I can rent for a fair price, because of the many years of  good cooperation with this scooter rental company.

In the mean while all old acquaintances waved hello in the most friendly way and for those who were following me on Facebook or website, turned their head and asked wonderingly; what are you doing here? what happened with your golf tour?

Well that tour had a very strange turn.

The work in front of the door at ‘Hof van Holland’ was that, what I expected. The only thing I had other expectations about was the age of the visiting audience. The average age of the bar visitors in Hersonissos is not higher than 22.  And of course they don’t have a budget yet that all the bars and clubs can have a great business.

One of the acquaintances who I met, told me see had created a good job for herself in Holland and was settled over there. But what was she doing than with here bought apartment just behind the main street of Hersonissos? You got it right. A lovely apartment was handed out to me and so I didn’t have to sleep any more in one of the staff room of ‘Hof van Holland’

It had to be like this, because if I look back on it now, this was an important part of how everything went.


Because the story continues….


On evening 7 in front of the door of ‘Hof’ I am telling one of my colleagues that if my phone is flashing a red light when I come home I probably have tree jobs, but only a couple of days later I have only one.

and than a completely new one.

I was asked if I could help out in the evening hours at taverna Sofas on the square of Old Hersonissos. And because, in my opinion,  you don’t refuse a job when you get offered one, I said yes to this offer.

Finally it didn’t come to this and probably the tax aspects will be the reason for this. At least I didn’t hear anything any more.

Also the golf course job was stopped, because suddenly the interim manager had a different opinion.



I go to bed with the thoughts that my golfing career is on a hold for a while. Also a temporary membership at the golf club was  not possible, if I already could have paid this.

The next morning I get a wake up call by Ed with the remark that I have to come and talk that same evening. They have an other function for me in mind and they think I am the perfect person for it.

And so I am sitting at the local Greek at 9 o’clock at night and overhear the offer to become golf teacher / animator in one of the most fancy hotels of Crete.

Something you don’t say no to. The only question re-means, how am I going to manage my sleep, because the night shifts at ‘Hof van Holland’ are pretty harsh.

and what do you think that happened…..

that same night I go to my work and after half an hour I am informed by Rob, the Dutch co-owner, that he has to inform me that his Greek partner wants that I am put on non-active immediately. Reasons?  A lot of Greek thoughts which I am not going to bother you with. I did my job as best as I could and in a way I was told by my colleague.

You can understand,  I was cheering on the inside, because I didn’t have to keep my promise to finish the season.


nieuwe baan in Amirandes hotel als een golfleraarAnd so, I am writing this on day three at the Golf Academy of the Amirandes Hotel. Nicely in the shadow of a fine build driving range, where I can hit balls without limits. I can practice my putting, my chipping and follow all the future lessons of my colleagues.

In the mean while it is clear that the golf course will get a thorough renovation and it will be playable next year April. I will do my utmost, to be part of the team, as a profound golf instructor and there for enjoy even more the game of golf.

I will rebuild this website with all the experiences that I encounter here and with the promotion of the beautiful dessert course of Creta. Camper Golf Travel goes on hold. The reactions were not as I expected, so I don’t think there is any business in it.


to be continued….. but I hope and expect it will go in a much slower speed.

Golf Greetings of Crete

Jia sou