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golf lesson with Michael LinsDuring my stay at golf club Prenden I had a really good lesson with Michael Lins, my first lesson during this tour. Because Michael could only teach me on Friday I decided to ask if I could play on the course on Thursday, even if I had played a 18 holes the day before.

It was worth while waiting for and my intuition proved right. Michael is a nice and friendly person, who helps you feel confident and with the help of his computer program and screen shots he explains exactly what you do wrong and how to improve this.

I walked in with only one question; get the slice out of my driver shot!!!

Michael started to ask me to hit with my iron 8, which I didn’t really wanted to do, because I came for my driver shot. But he probably already had seen the day before on the driving range, what was my problem; I did not open my club head in my back swing, something that is really necessary in your driver shot. I even had to go out an chip some balls as you can see in the video below. He proved to be right and every shot went much easier.
Except from these tips he told me many more;
I just listed them. It’s going to be my check list for all my drivers shots for the future.
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  • Tee up the ball on a pin that is half a ball size high above the ground (I disobey this already and put it on ball high, so they fly further)
  • Tee up with my club head inside the ball, because during my swing the whole club comes more outward.
  • Open my club face in my back swing
  • in the meanwhile lock my right knee
  • have a really tied grip and don’t let go of my shaft
  • bring it back towards the ball from the inside while the club head stays open
  • from the inside
  • lock my left knee, so that my left leg doesn’t go further to the left than half a upper leg size wide



The thing with the locked knees is something new that he learned from David Leadbetter, one of the golf gurus in the world. It creates more rotation and less movement to the left.

Michael can be booked at golf club Prenden in summer and lives and works with his wife FranZisKa and kids on Grand Canaria in the winter months were he instructs in better weather conditions.

I filmed all my lesson, but there was probably something on the lens, because all the shots were blurb, so I couldn’t use them in the video. You can see the result of my swing in the video of golf club Mecklenburg-Strelitz where I used the first driver shot ‘in the field’.

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