Tulips at golf course Regthuys

Golf Course Regthuys in Winkel.

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Today we start at the Golf and Country Club Regthuys in Winkel. The course were I achieved for the second time my green card (GVB) when we two years ago came back in Holland. I didn’t play there for a long time, but it felt like coming home. We are welcomed enthusiastically by Pieter and Bianca. Both were full enthusiastic about our project and knew everything about it. We could right away use the driving range and the putting green facilities. After that we walked a lovely 18 holes round under the best weather conditions. It was really great to be together on the course and to be under way, to film and to enjoy the rest after a hectic period.

Because the camper van was not completely furnished and some stuff had to go in and some out, we didn’t had really the time to chill after this. So of we went towards home and back to work. I started straight away editing the first video and Irene started furnishing and redecorating the camper van, so we could sleep in it for the first time.

That evening we eat in Hoogwoud with the parents of Irene, her sister and brother in law. Tired but pleased we crawl in our camper van bed (a luxurious two persons bed with slatted bottom, real mattresses and duvets (the most luxurious part of our camper van). Because it really gets cold at night we agree, that we always can go in the house, if it’s getting to cold. Luckily this wasn’t necessary. With enough clothes and blankets over us, we didn’t get cold!

Our Video of Golf Course Regthuys.