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lovely hospitality on golf course de Gulbergen

Lunch at Stephanies


After another night in a guest bed we wake up early. We have to go to the garage today, because the motor doesn’t run on gas any more. But first an other item of the to do list; stickers on the campervan.

A Dutch expression says that ‘a good preparation is half the work’ and that is one of the reasons we have our on-official start in Holland. In this way we can practice living, using and driving in the campervan and learn  what is the best way to make contact with the golf course (managers). And that worked out well. So we realised after some mileages and a visit to a garage, that the engine and the gas installation need some attention. Unforeseen costs which come forward after we realise that our ‘old beast’ is not working to well any more. And than you better have it repaired.

We make an appointment for the next day and decide to stay for another night in the neighbourhood of Eindhoven. And that is no problem at all, because the moment we arrive at Stephanie (who is the one, which by her aunt took  care of the invitation to Golf Course De Gulbergen) and we explain her the situation, she invites us directly to stay. The campervan can be parked in front of the door.

After lunch we depart for the golf course. The sun is shining full and out of the wind, the weather is lovely. Again a very special place on the highest mountain of Brabant. Although a former dumping ground, you don’t notice this at all. After a good practice session at the driving range and the instalment of the tripod for the camera, I am off for my 18 holes round with Martin, the uncle of Stephanie.


Round of Golf on Golf course de Gulbergen

After 9 holes I find it enough, I’m completely tired. We have a drink on a lovely sunny terrace and talk with Martin and Coby about golf, the course and general aspects of life. When we arrive back in the campervan we read by text massages that our item is broadcasted on SBS 6 in the Dutch program Hart van Nederland. We are off quickly towards Stephanie to view this on her television.

We still would like to do a lot of things, but we are too tired to get something done. So we only look at our television performances and hang a bit on the couch till Stephanie and Peter are back home. Stephanie arranged some food for us and we may stay the whole evening in her living, even when she is not there herself. What a hospitality at a very quiet and cosy place in Helmond next to the canal.We have another drink together when they come home and finish this lovely day with a good night sleep in our campervan.