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young and (semi) old at golf club liemeer in Nieuwveen

Old and new friends visiting us at Golf club Liemeer in Nieuwveen.

The next morning an early rise and shine, for day two. Today we drive towards Nieuwveen, where made appointments around 11 o’clock with several friends and old acquaintances. We meet there my old house mate from 20 years ago; Joke. Also John and Nicky with their son Ben, friends out of Crete have arrived. A real joy of seeing each other again. Not only old memories, but also special conversations with (for Irene) new people.

After some cups of coffee in the sun on the terrace of  Golf club Liemeer in Nieuwveen, and showing the campervan, we heading for the driving range. It’s a special  moment, because John hasn’t played for five months and I have the impression that I maybe inspire him to go and play golf again. Go for it John. It’s a pity not to use your talents. And so I think that the Open Day at Golf Club Liemeer brought something good.

As everybody has left, I practice a bit at the putting green and then I am called by a journalist of the weekly regional newspaper for the area of Den Bosch. I answer the questions easily, which are difficult to understand, due to the noise of the many air planes and the strong wind. We end the conversation with the appointment that the next day a photographer will pass by to make some pictures. It’s the start of a week full of media attention, something I don’t know at that moment….

After a self made lunch we leave in the direction of the south of Holland. In the neighbourhood of Utrecht we make a small break to have coffee with Olga and Rogier in the campervan, because this is much more fun than inside of the Starbucks itself. After that we continue towards Vinkel, were we have a barbecue at Wieke and Kostas’ place to celebrate her birthday. We end the day in front of the door in Rosmalen and decide to sleep nice and cosy in my parents house. The test in the campervan was successful, but the cold we will feel in a couple of nights again!