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in garage Reprofair they completely repair the motor

the motor is taken completely apart and fixed.


Today we start the day at the garage. Only after we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Stephanie and Peter. The kids Julia and Jan serve everything on the kitchen table. Even with fresh eggs from their own chickens! What a hospitality we experience here. And that in a situation that didn’t even had planned to stay here for the night.

We drive quickly towards Geldrop to deliver the campervan at the garage. We stay nearby, so I can see and learn what they are repairing. The men of the garage work hard and notice more and more problems. Thankfully they’re so experienced that they can fix everything without to many problems! In the mean while Irene does some shopping and I make my first ‘deal’. At Reprofair they still need a good Facebook page and that is something we are pretty good handy in. I’m happy with this deal, because it shows that we can help people with things that they themselves are not so good in, in exchange for their services. Sharing is the word!

I straight away make a lot of photos which I can use for this page. See it as an advantage of the long duration of the reparation.

Full of confidence that the motor is repaired well, we drive through the landscape towards the Wirtshaus in Elten, were we going to visit Sander, Freek and Yvonne. The campervan drives much better and lighter than the days before. Also Irene drives for the first time in the camper and that goes well, only with the gear she has a little problems, but she has a good practice with the about 100 roundabouts that we have to overcome along the way.


opening still a couple of days away at the Wirtshaus in Elten

The are still building and decorating in the Wirtshaus in Elten

Once in Elten we head directly towards the new, still under construction, restaurant of Freek and Yvonne, who are happily surprised to see us. Not much later Sander is also arriving and with him we drive to his new residence; a little house on a holiday resort in Beek. We look a bit pityingly to the campervans that are parked there (on a open piece of grass court, with the opening of the campervans facing to each other). This is NOT the way we have it in mind.

We drive back to Elten to park the campervan on the driveway of Freek and Yvonne. There we can again use electricity, a warm shower, water and a toilet. That evening Sander invites us for dinner and we have time to chat up about all the experiences of the last month.

After a coffee at Freek and Yvonne we go, not all to late, back into our camper.