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de laatste sneeuw, op weg naarTessin

The campervan in the last snow of the season.

Day 2 of the long journey. We wake up early and drive off around 7.15 am. First we drive some mileages and than have breakfast along the way. We heard that a friend from Irene is staying in the south of Switzerland, so we thought this would be a nice place to stay for the night. The name of the place; Tessin (in German). So we typed this in, in our navigation system and started driving. The trip went prosperous. Despite the difficulties the campervan had with the mountains, we took around 2 pm the exit turn to the destination! Bravo, than we still have time to relax and enough time to talk. If we can find her, because so far she didn’t answer our phone calls…. We have to climb again a mountain… a steep mountain, which we can hardly climb even in first gear….

is it a place or a Canton Tessin

Tessin?? Is it a village, a river or a canton?

On top of the mountain it appears that the village Tessin has also other names; Ticino (in Swiss) and Tenero (in Italian). By Google Irene discovers that the village is probably not at all on top of this mountain, but somewhere on the site of the Lake of Maggiore and that we are now at the source of the river Tessin…. It’s all part of the adventure, but we both were not amused at the moment…..

So of we go to the Lago Maggiore, were we, before we arrive at the town, do some shopping, so we have somewhat on board with the Eastern days ahead of us. A small pole on the parking area of the Lidl gives the first scar on ‘the Boat’. We continue towards Ticino/Tenero/Tessin to finally realise it’s in this area pretty touristic and it will be almost impossible to park the campervan¬† for free for the night.

Due to fatigue we communicate not to well any more and I drive into a small road, that also is going uphill. Halfway I try to turn, which is almost impossible. The right front bumper hits the wall and while I think I put the car in first gear, I put it in reverse and make an enormous damage to the same bumper. This is it for today; I only want to stand somewhere and don’t have to do anything any more!

After a discussion about to stand or not to stand on a camping site, about to change or not to change the battery and to stay or not to stay in this village – and still hearing nothing from Irene’s friend, we decide to take a small break and afterwards continue¬† to a more quiet place. Again a pretty steep way uphill, but we leave the highway at Como and search for a nice, quiet and small parking place in a residential area. After parking without problems we have a simple meal out of our own kitchen and listen to the eastern bells of the church.