sailing and having fun - flotilla leaders created a raftToday we are taking you through a normal day at our office. At this moment we work as flotilla leaders for a Dutch company named

OCC Yachting flotilla Corfu, Greece

As flotilla leaders we sail between the islands Corfu, Paxos and Anti-Paxos, and the main land of Greece. Every week we lead a group of boats, helping them going in and out the harbour and tell them all about the most beautiful spots in the area. We are there in case they need assistance and in the evening we take care of the reservations in the restaurants or we create our own bbq, pick nick or group meal on board of one of the boats or on a floating raft (see picture).

From Friday afternoon to Sunday morning we are in the marina of Gouvia and we clean boats, do the check in and check out and make sure all our clients arrive happy, but more important leave with a tremendous holiday experience.

When we have time left, we try to do everything we can, to make sure we have everything ready for our next big project. When we are sailing (read; moving forward on engine power) from one harbour to the other mostly I am working inside. I’m able to work there and don’t have any feelings of sea sickness, where as Irene really needs to see the horizon, otherwise she feels pretty sick. While sailing I am editing a video, creating some buttons on the (new) website or searching for golf courses we will going to visit.

When we arrive in the harbour, it is time for me to help the boats coming in and than Irene can start working on her plans, texts, contacting people and trying to figure out what is the best business model for this project. In the evening it’s again time for the flottila work as we socialize with the group and create the group atmosphere during diner in one of the typical Greek taverns.


great experience - sailing in Greece with your flotilla leaders


the final version of the TourTravellers.TV golf logoWhen you start a project there is always the moment that you start communicating to the outside world. For us this moment was a couple of days ago. We felt the need to tell the world about what we were doing and what we actually did before we started communicating. Besides a lot of talking, discussing, thinking, sleepless nights and everything that comes with a new idea, we started building the website. At first I didn’t want to make a website, but Irene felt the need to promote our project on a special page.  (note: aug. 2014 – the Website TourTravellers.TV doesn’t ecxist anymore and most texts are copied into this Wicked Golfers website)

So what do you place on a website? We needed a couple of video’s ‘new style’ (with talking into the camera for example). Very difficult as you can see in the first video’s that are still online on the Youtube channel TourTravellersTV. I have been very busy creating the logo and the style of the website and after that I started creating the social media buttons. A couple of pages are ready as well, as is the Facebook page and our YouTube channel. Now it’s time to get viewers, followers and an audience.