I have been searching for some products to help me make nice video’s. Today I learned what a drone is. Definitely nothing for surgeons. No, it’s a small helicopter with four propellers that can be used to place a camera under to make nice aerial shots.

Pretty hard to find on the net, if you don’t have a name to start with. Because pretty fast you end up with helicopter war films from the army. But after a lot of searching and with the help of one our clients this week I could start searching with a name.

One again; coincidence doesn’t exist. These clients that uses a camper to travel through Europe also have a son in law that builds constructions for video camera’s, but hung under a kite (dutch: vlieger). Check out the website van Rein Velt as I did.

Tomorrow I will continue with my search to figure out what the best investment is to make nice areal shots from courses, mountains or cities.

At the moment I have two products in mind:

what is the best drone to use on golf courses

the Parrot ar.Drone 2.0 who has already two cameras build inside or a DJI Phantom drone, for which I have to buy an extra camera.

But as I am thinking of buying the newest Go Pro Hero 3 (to follow the mass…. what a marketing campaign the made) I think the Phantom is going to be my choice. What I have seen so far on Youtube the quality of the AR Drone 2.0 cameras is not good enough for the standard of TourTravellers.TV or Ar2you productions.

It’s nicely explained in the following video (also a very nice way of broadcasting, with all the interactive features and used material out of the commercial video of the DJI Phantom).

Greetings (out of the air),