If you haven’t seen this video before, please take a moment to watch and learn.

After that we’ll tell you how we think about this video and why it’s our wet dream as a videographer 😉

This week we saw this video. And it struck us in two ways. The first is that we really were surprised about how it’s possible that a video can get almost 20 million viewers in just two weeks (at the moment of writing). It’s incredible…. And I assume it’s something everybody would dream about when he posts something on YouTube 🙂

The other way is that it is a subject we talk about a lot. We are creating a product that people will watch on their mobile phone, tablet or PC, and we want people to share it together, so they can talk about it. But what we see these days is that a lot of people can’t live without internet on their mobile phone and that they get a little anti-social. We say this because we see this almost every evening during dinner.

It looks like a lot of people can’t live without their telephone any more, even when they are on holiday. Every night almost the first question asked is, can I charge my phone here or what is the wifi code? And people start checking their mail, Whatsapp and Facebook during dinner. Is this something we have to learn to live with, or do we need some time to get used to the fact that we have this phone with a lot of features and do we have to create some new ethics around it??

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