bad weather in Austria

Photo has link to the review page of GC Thalersee, near Graz

The moment we left Italy it started to rain and it kind of never stopped. So almost all courses in Austria were closed and I did a lot of practice on completely deserted driving ranges.

First part of Austria I was travelling alone, because Irene was visiting a friend east of Graz. I put her on the train in Klagenfurt and was quite a bit nervous how I would find it, this travelling alone.

That same night I took a men’s night off and watched even the Eurovision till late at night. I didn’t want to miss the douze point pour Les Pay Bas.

Now at probably the last course of Austria, I have difficulty reminding all the names of the courses were I practised.

one of the best courses I played - golf club ThalerseeOf course I remember the Grazer Golf Club Thalersee were I walked their nice 18 holes course. The day before the branches broke out of the three, but that wasn’t a reason for them and me not to video and experience this beautiful course. Complete silence, no sound of cars, trains and no electric wires. The way it has to be.


Golf club Wolfsberg, Gut Freiberg, Bad Waltersdorf and Bad Tatzmannsdorf all passed with their practice facilities and we decided, after staying for two nights with Irene at her friends place to drive into Hungary. (Never knew this called Magyarország in their own language!) We were disappointed by the impression this country left behind. What everything can change with just crossing the border.

Bad luck again, also this course was closed due to the storm and on a windy driving range I hit my balls again.

Back into Austria, hoping for better wetter.

I write this at Golf Club Hainburg, situated at the North East point of Austria, close to Bratislava, Slovakia. Still clouds but I am allowed to play. So I’m excited to do so, FINALLY again.

finally playing golf again in Austria

During this last week I made the decision to leave the business plan of paid video’s for what it is. My intuition tells me I was wrong about selling my promotional videos during this tour.

For this comes something else in place; Campervan The URL’s is already bought (also

Wicked Golfers is going to be orientated on this new business and on you can read more about it.

Till next week.

Wicked AJ