Coincidence once again doesn’t exist. I keep on saying and noticing it. As I am very busy with planning my route for next year, for the huge adventure ‘365 Days of Golf’, I am using the huge site of which gives good information about where are the right courses in Europe.

And then…. we are having dinner with our flotilla guests and I am telling about the things I do while we are sailing. He responds spontaneously: a friend of mine put all the golf courses in Europe in card. It took him 3 years, just as a hobby.


no coincidence that there are so many golf courses is indeed a master site where you can find all the courses, nicely organized by the amount of holes. An extra help for us in deciding where to go next spring.

If you have any good advise about golf courses let me know (

I find it really amazing that there are so  many courses in Europe (and the rest of the world). If I explain to guests what my ideas are I often get the response that these are huge distances to overcome, driving from one golf course to the other. But if I tell them that on average the courses are only 17 kilometres away from each other, they look at me in disbelieve.

As you can see on the picture above, enough places to go to and to review. The golf sport is popular and still it’s not know were all these courses are.

More of a problem are the weather conditions. Here on Corfu it’s nice and warm for about 9  months and there is hardly any rain. Ideal to play the game of Golf. As I try to avoid rainy conditions I will try to plan my trip in sunny circumstances. This is not so easy as there are many variables that have influence on my decisions.

How many courses want to be filmed?  How many rounds may I play on one course? How tired am I going to be after playing 18 holes? How much time does the editing of the video’s cost?  Some of the questions that are all crucial in the planning of the route through Europe.