Last week of the round trip

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. Where to start to describe these last amazingly four weeks? I think in Sweden. Because some of you may still think I am touring around over there. Far away from the trued, because I am about 4000 km more southwards on the island of Crete. [...]

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Golf lesson with Michael Lins

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. During my stay at golf club Prenden I had a really good lesson with Michael Lins, my first lesson during this tour. Because Michael could only teach me on Friday I decided to ask if I could play on the course on Thursday, even if I [...]

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From parking place to parking place

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. The above picture was the first thing I saw this morning when I looked out of my window. Amazing isn't it. I changed my routine a little bit. I started driving in the morning and the evening and during the afternoon playing a course or [...]

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Let’s stay positive

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. From now on I will share my thoughts about my 365 Days of Golf on this website. And I would like to tell you a little something about how things are going during these first part of the tour. Golf wise this life is perfect. [...]

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We continue our trip through Germany

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. Irene behind the wheel of the campervan   A cup of coffee, an extensive shower, laundry possibilities and tanking water. The pleasures of a stay over at people who do have a fully furnished home! We enjoy our little house and learn every [...]

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Item on Omroep Brabant

ook in het Nederlands...>>.. On the 16th of April we had an item on regional television Omroep Brabant. About 365 Days of Golf. Click on the photo below to be redirected to the web page of Omroep Brabant, where the video is running in the right hand top corner. [...]

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Our first Newsletter

  Today we send our first newsletter. As we (my girl-friend Irene and me) are Dutch and have a lot of Dutch friend and relatives, we wrote it in Dutch and send it to all our e-mail addresses. On this blog page, I'll try to write the translation so [...]

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Countdown has started

  [custom_frame_left][/custom_frame_left]Today was a day of getting the 13th of April organised. Yesterday I was invited to come to 'de Dommelse' on the 14th of April. The new 18 holes golf course south of St. Michielsgestel in Noord Brabant (the south part of the Netherlands). Later more about this [...]

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Join the crowd, use these buttons to support 365 Days of Golf.

Join my crowd.....     [one_half] [message type="custom" width="50%" align="center" start_color="#fffff7" end_color="#f69371" border="#d7acd0" color="#832674"][custom_button text="365 Days of Golf -AMBASSADOR" title="be an Ambassador for the project" url="" size="medium" bg_color="#FF5C00" text_color="#FFFFFF" align="left" target="_self"] D0NATE € 100,- a private Golf lesson or a video editing (or a combination of the [...]

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Some side page information in the make

Some of the futures used as widgets (side page information) on the pages of   [one_half] [custom_list style="list-1"] 365 Days of Golf Through Europe in a camper Every day a different course   Driving 12.000 km Average 30 km a day Starting in Pisa Finish in Lisbon Visiting [...]

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About me | 365 Days of Golf

ook in het Nederlands...>>..   Concerns: Project: '365 Days of Golf' The idea of travelling and playing golf came into my mind a year ago. At that point in my life I decided to change my way of living. For more than 20 years I have been working in [...]

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Coincidence doesn’t exist.

Coincidence once again doesn’t exist. I keep on saying and noticing it. As I am very busy with planning my route for next year, for the huge adventure '365 Days of Golf', I am using the huge site of which gives good information about where are the right [...]

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About: Arjan en Irene

By the start of our new projects we would like to give you some insides in who we are and what brings us to where we are now; Living and working together for 4 years now and since the beginning always in a travellers life style. This means we [...]

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Stop dreaming, just do it!

Since a couple of weeks, we're following the website 365 dagen succesvol. Two Dutch guys (David and Arjan) started this site and wrote some books to help people have more success in their lives. Today I just want to share this quote with you. And if you're Dutch and [...]

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Mind shifting experiences at Corfu Golf

Friday afternoon…… I’m relaxing at the bar next to our office, drinking an iced cappuccino and reading some yoga magazines looking for information to use on my new to build website (more about that later this week). I take a first sip of my cappuccino and Arjan arrives with [...]

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