in the turn started the camper problems

We start the day with a sightseeing tour in San Miniato, a really lovely Tuscany village. Very nice and quiet at this time of the year. We get lost, because Irene thinks she has a sense of direction, but she absolutely doesn’t. So a bit later then expected we leave the small town to go to the golf course again. Today I just practise my swing on the driving range, some putting on the putting green and a couple of bunker shots.

I can’t play today, because there is a tournament. And for me that’s perfectly fine, because I have a lot of other things to do. I have to edit a lot of videos, and we can use the electricity of Golf Club San Miniato. We are very happy we went here, because the people here are extremely friendly and welcoming.

Around 4 pm we prepare the camper to leave San Miniato and make our way to Golf Club Montecatini.

And there a lot of camper problems started……

It started with the misdirections of my lovely girlfriend, who still didn’t get her sense of direction back. And when we found the way, I misinterpreted the size of my camper and hit a wall. This time we weren’t very lucky, because I damaged the right side terribly. The reason I hit the wall was because a guy was coming down the road with his van in a turn and we both weren’t able to stop or change our way, because of the very narrow street. The guy coming down was the chef of the restaurant of the golf course. We were all a bit stuck because of what happened, until a guy wanted to pass, but couldn’t because we blocked his way. He jumped out of his car to help us and to fix the grill and bumper with some wire.

By that time I already felt there was something wrong with the clutch, but we kept on going, we wanted to reach the golf course and knew we were almost there. The road to the golf club of Montecatini was hard to find and very difficult to drive with our campervan. At one point I just didn’t believe any more that we would get to the course at all, because the road was so steep and narrow.

So I decided to go back, turning the camper wasn’t an option (even though I tried), so I just went backwards and hoped that it would work out fine. Another car arrived, so Irene went to ask this guy where the course was and it turned out to be at the end of the steep and narrow road. So forwards again……

The clutch felt worse every time I used it (which was a lot in this terrible road), but we had to go on. To make a long story short, we made it to the parking of the golf course, we managed to park the car in a nice spot and then the clutch slowly died….

We decided that this evening we wouldn’t do anything to find help or whatever, we pulled out the champagne, had some dinner and enjoyed the stars. What a great place to be stuck with a camper! The pictures tell it all.

just hit a little wall
loose ends fixed with wires
lovely place to have car problems
keep on smiling and enjoy life