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Gialova Gardens is running and the guests are more than happy. The last bedrooms are painted. It’s time to go back to the golf business. Writing this on the day after the great play off of the 144 th Open, this year held on the old course of St. Andrews.

It has been a while since I posted a blog piece. My energy levels were not sufficient enough to produce some copy (in the evening hours). The whole business around the bungalows and villas in Gialova and in between my driving range, short game and putting session and playing some holes made me to tired for this.

bad luck with my driverThe good news of course; I may call myself a bogey player. And that even without having a driver in my bag.
I broke the club, exactly one month after I bought it second hand via Marktplaats. It has to be that way. Different game again, and good for practising my 3 wood stroke.
How is Giàlova you may wonder? The boulevard is nice, even when the local authorities have decided not to finish the pavement on the road completely. Hanny of Meandros restaurant takes care that I eat every night something different and with the help of their amazing chef Xristos she succeeds brilliantly. Especially their lamb Kleftiko is really advisable.


But…. (I always have a but as it seems….) the social life stays a bit behind. Naturally I compare everything with Crete and I know this is not fair and try to life in the moment, but thinking back at all these great moments in the last 14 summers makes it sometimes difficult if I have to eat alone again.
It was therefore more than a pleasure that I had my mom and dad over, who (thank God) could be so active and helpful again.
The weeks with Sabine (from Snowsports Nederland) and Amal via Couchsurfing were nice and the whole week with my (ex) girl friend Irene was more than amazing.

Back to golf business, because there is no business!!!!!

I am completely alone on this Bay course where management, by the way, decided to close the venue at four o’clock, five times a week. Was a bit of an impact in the beginning. Now I got it into my system and except that the Greeks work differently. But hell, you probably know that by now after the recent news flashes.
I can’t compare, because it’s my first season here; But Hanny (of Meandros restaurant) tells me it’s much more quieter than the former years. The Greeks from Athens don’t come to Giàlova this year.
As you noticed I mentioned  the restaurant now twice and that is with a reason. It brings forward the new concept of this website….
Promoting everything from the Bay of Navarino area; where to go, what to see, what to do and of course where to stay AND PLAY GOLF.

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Combining new ideas with the old ones and take care that the amount of 2000 visitors a month on this website will increase to a minimum of 5000 ( with a lower bounce percentage). International golf camps for youngsters during the holiday months is one of the new ideas. This seems to be the off season weeks for the golf branch here to be.

So keep on following me, post a reaction or idea and tell me your opinion….. about….

AJ’s Unique Chicken

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  • International Golf Camps Gialova
  • Affiliate website concerning the Bay of Navarino
  • AJ’s Unique Chicken restaurant
  • Routaki’s info about the Greeks and their culture.
  • Discover sailing on the 27 foot ‘Frodo’.

P.s. The raw drawing of this text I wrote the day after the Open. In the following days I had again a good sailing afternoon with skipper Jos on his 27 foot Frodo. And I played for the first time with guests of Gialova Gardens a 9 holes round.

LET THE PARTY CONTINUE…… tomorrow the Dunes course!