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Met Tony op de Dommel en Omoep Brabant

Play golf with Tony on De Dommel in St.Michielsgestel (left) and TV recordings for Omroep Brabant (right) on GC de Haverleij.

My birthday; 45 springs young. And I am invited to play golf with Tony on Golfclub De Dommel in Sint Michielsgestel. A beautiful old course in the middle of a forest which is recently expanded from a 12 holes to a 18 holes course. A course which you’re only allowed on when you’re invited by one of the members. Tony is a member since one year and appears to be a source of knowledge about golf. It’s already more than forty years his passion. On the side he has some handy tips about the holes and once in a while one about my stroke. Irene joins with a walk, just for fun, but drops out after 9 holes, because it’s simply to COLD. The course is nicely situated within the forest and gives a fairytale feeling, at least at the oldest part. The newest part has a somewhat less appearance. A former meadow has been changed into a golf course with not to many architectural frills. Probably caused by the  many restrictions of the environmental considerations. Due to the heavy wind the contrast between the two part becomes more obvious.

On hole 6 we’re called by Bert van Doorn of Omroep Brabant. If we have time in the afternoon to do some television recordings. Of course, no problem at all if you can hand over the phone to your own communication specialist, because you’re playing a course where the etiquette rules are still very tied and honoured. We agree that we’ll be around 3 pm at the training facilities of the Haverleij Golf Course in Engelen. So after a lunch with Tony and a photo shoot for the newspaper of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, we slowly drive of in the direction of Den Bosch (=’s-Hertogenbosch). Robert will also be there. Our biggest fan and supporter and  via his network and contacts  the reason for a this media attention.

special day on Golf Course Haverleij in EngelenWhat a happening, our first TV recordings! A very special director, who already has everything in mind how he wants to do this. We let it come over us. They make shots of us driving the campervan, getting in and out of the camper, with trolley and bag. And  many shots on the driving range and practice greens. We try as much as possible to keep the rules in mind, because it’s obvious that this crew doesn’t have any knowledge about the golf rules and etiquettes in the golf sport. Fortunately Robert takes over a part of the regie and therefore it all goes smoothly. When we drive off with the film crew inside for some extra footage, Robert is going shopping, so we don’t even have to be concurred about this today!

As the camera crew has left, we talk it through with Robert and warm ourselves up with a nice strong Nescafé (we leave the champagne for what it is.) And than again the telephone is ringing. Newspaper the Limburger wants also an interview, if they can come by tomorrow as we’re playing at  de Peelse Golf. No problem, we will be there a bit earlier, because the camera crew of Hart van Nederland of SBS 6 will be in front of our nose at 12 pm.

Than we’re off to Rosmalen. We make a fast stop at the Praxis for some last ‘spare parts’ for the camper and we eat something quickly out of the campervan kitchen, which is extended by a very handy fold-able kitchen counter . Subsequently we do some small repairs, talk to our family and install an e-mail registration button on the site and finish the night with an episode of Greys Anatomy (for a tiny bit of leisure during this hectic moments.)


Below an impression of the golf day with Tony on Golf Club de Dommel: