tekst is ook in het Nederlandsook in het Nederlands…>>..

Returned to the island were I spend so many lovely summers.

It has been a while since I wrote a blog piece for this website. To many things to do, but more important, to many possibilities to decide for.

To keep it short; I followed my heart. And that red coloured, beating thing told me to go back to THE ISLAND.

Somewhere in January I was again making up my mind what to do. I sat down behind my laptop in the Seehof hotel reception to figure out how it would be to stay for once in Austria. I spend so many winters over there but I never saw the beauty of Zell am See in the summer months.

But the thing was, I didn’t start to Google, I wasn’t inspired by the stories of my (instructor) colleagues and was certainly not looking forward to serve ladies in burkas all summer. What happened instead, once I opened my laptop is that I started to chat with a friend, who I met two years ago here on the island, in the time I was working in the Amirandes Golf Academy. She started to explain, with a huge amount of passion, her new ideas of starting a tour operator webshop where clients book excursions instead of hotels (later more about FlexToursKreta).

This passion was so contagious that thirty minutes later I had made my decision.

Crete /Kreta /Creta it would be.

Couple of weeks later we (silently) agreed that it would be better to both do our own services and products. Well I thought; let me keep it simple; just finish what you once started. So sorry, you have read these following terms already before, but at the moment they give me a certain peace and confidence.

    • Golf Guide on and around the golf course  (I thought, let’s call it: AJ4U)

Business card for AJ4U Golf & Guide on Crete


In the mean while I will keep this Wicked Golfers website up to date as a hobby and learn more and more about golf and its terms.

As I write this I’m one week back in Hersonissos. Thanks to friends an apartment wasn’t very hard to find and… the extra summer job for this summer season was, with the help of social media, even faster found.

If you would like to visit me, book The Island Hotel in Gouves. Only a 10 minutes drive away from the golf course. A 4* hotel (adults only) with all facilities you wish for during a fabulous holiday. And the best thing; Wicked AJ will be your Event Coordinator.

lovely 4* hotel in Gouves, island of Crete

So, I will take care that you’ll experience a fine yoga or Pilates session, get to know the basics of a dart game. Show you my knowledge of the basketball or tennis game, will join you in a Jeu de Boule or beach volleyball tournament and at night I will host you to your dining table in the cosy tavern where the lovely musical couple of Naked Stereo will take over my daily entertainment services.

When do I play golf?  Every morning you may join me. Michalis and Themis are already used to the fact that I come to pick up my newly bought trolley to walk my daily nine holes round. As my ‘working’ day only starts at eleven, I have more than time enough to practice with my new golf  club set (Cobra driver, Ping irons and Cleveland wedges).

The Crete Golf Clublogo of the Crete Golf Club – Gold membership card is paid for, so here I go.

AJ4U Golf & Guide on Crete

for the time being available for you at 8 o’clock in the morning to play the first flight time together. For the guidens outside the court I recommend you to use the Routaki APP or ask me to be you personal driver/guide on my day off: every Tuesday, till the end of October.
I wish you all a very nice (golf) summer and hope to be seeing you……

on the most southern island of Greece, where the sun is shining, the people are friendly and the golf course in perfect state.


Ta lemme

Wicked AJ

(also known as Mr. Routaki)