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on our way to Tirrenia, passing Pisa

Our campervan with a nice sunrise at Como

Before we leave today we already have a to do list: check the oil level and the cooling liquid, connect the inverter to the start battery and we have to look if we can refill our water tank somewhere. I also make the first photos so early, because it really looks lovely with the first sun beams coming through. Irene checks if we can tank some water, but the church doesn’t have a well (something that on most places is common, we were told by other campervan users.)

First point of action while we driving is refuelling our gas tank. This was pretty expansive in Switzerland, so we hope it will be cheaper in Italy, but than first we have to find a place were they have LPG… And that is not so easy.  Especially not on Eastern Sunday…. After a couple of U-turns and detours we find one, what reduces the damage of driving on petrol. It’s again an other part of the adventure!

We continue in the direction of Pisa an according to our GPS, we have to able to reach all our destinations. Today we reach Pisa and it is even still early in the afternoon. Again we have to overcome some hilly terrain, so it goes slow and steady, but down hill we fly down the mountains. The sun is shining the whole afternoon and when we come closer to Pisa we already can see the leaning tower! We drive on, just past Pisa, towards the beach of Tirrenia, were the two golf courses are which we will play the next few days.


on our way to pisa

The first course is closed, due to Eastern. The second one is open, but is situated behind an enormous fence. We decide to listen to our fatigue and park the campervan in the neighbourhood of the beach and walk of to find a place to eat and have a coffee.

I knew on forehand that it would be touristic over here, but hoped for a windfall. In my opinion it is really everywhere the same; the same food, the same attractions, the same kind of people. Mass tourism has become nothing more than creating a unity, where people can enjoy the sun, because they don’t want to explore a different culture or experience a different life style.