Arjan en Irene together as flotilla leadersBy the start of our new projects we would like to give you some insides in who we are and what brings us to where we are now;

Living and working together for 4 years now and since the beginning always in a travellers life style.

This means we aren’t bound to places, we work wherever we are, and that also counts for living. We only own a car. Which makes it some what easier to travel through Europe and take some more stuff than taking a plane.

Still we are trying to get rid off stuff, because actually, we know that we don’t need a lot off things to be happy. Some clothes, a computer, telephone and you can travel the world.

These days it becomes so easy to be a world citizen, almost everywhere there are internet connections, so you can keep in touch with everybody you want. And its getting cheaper as well, so you don’t really have to earn a lot of money, to life a travellers life. Even though money makes it easier to travel.

lovely wedding photo at Irene sisters weddingSince the winter of 2009 we have been working together in tourism. In the winter we worked as chalet staff in different chalets in France, Italy and Austria. In summer we have been working as flotilla leaders (guiding a group of sailboats) in Corfu.

From the winter of 2014 we will be travelling more. At first Irene will go to India and maybe Bali, and in April we are going on a tour with a campervan to make a tour through Europe.

We both would love the world to change in a sharing economy or in a world where money is not the only way to pay. We both have a lot of talents that we can give in return of somebody’s help. So we love to go Couchsurfing or make a video or make promotion for the places where we stay.

We are a couple and love to work together, but we are individuals too. That’s why we also have our personal social media pages as well.

On en

and  we both have a business profile on LinkedIN

You can also check out our personal websites;  and www.irenevangent. nl