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Exactly half a year ago I got a media boost due to the interview with Omroep Brabant for my golf tour.

What all happened since then, you can read in my previous blog texts.

Now, after precisely 6 months there is a new adventure knocking at my door.


“Andalusia, here I come”

Andalusia experiencesWhat now, is probably what some of you think. And not without a reason of course, because once again I am changing my road.

The last months I got confirmed again that I am fed up with seasonal work, so I take action to get out of this. Actually it’s not the seasonal work itself, but the periods in between. I’m really fed up to do nothing in November and the main part of December, to be without work and not being able to earn money.

And that’s why I started Googling and found the website with the name:


What is this, you might be thinking again. Why not simply go to the job agencies in your home country. Simple: I like to stay in the sun and Holland doesn´t have enough of that.

So I became a workawayer, which means I’m going to do volunteer work. Not in the sense of an enormous good deed, but just helping people that can use an extra pair of hands. In exchange I get a place to stay and a meal three times per day.

As I started to write to these ‘hosts’ my focus was on the region of Andalusia. Simply because there the sun is always shining AND because there are a lot of golf courses. You can follow me on my tour through some of the most beautiful cities of southern Europe, because I have managed to arrange three different families who welcome me. And if I’m lucky, because of this I might get to know five different cities.

My first stop is Seville; and this host, with the beautiful Spanish name Miguel, also has a house in El Rompido in Huelva, also called the Spanish Algarve. This first ’employer’ is specialized in language trips and that is maybe the reason that he also has a flat in Madrid where some painting has to be done. So if everything works out positively, I’ll also get to see the capital of this, for me, new country.


Somewhere in the middle of November I will go in the direction of Malaga, where work in the fields is waiting for me. Just north west of this southern European city I’ll stay with an English couple, who have lived there for some years and who also like to take the trouble to show me the surroundings.

I’ll finish in December in Granada, where I’ll help an elderly woman with the internet appearance of her studios, which she tries to rent out in the picturesque centre of Granada.

First of all I go to Andalusia, to see and feel how it’s like. I’ll go on the search for a paid job, a place to stay and of course a golf course where I can practice.

Tonje Daffinrud in the Amirandes Academy

–Tonje Daffinrud–

Here on Crete it’s now for definite that the course is going to be fixed. After the ‘LET ACCESS’ tournament which is held this weekend, the course will be closed for almost a year.

Strange situation do, if I come back next year. Being golf pro in a hotel and in the mean while not being able to play golf. That’s is one of the reason I’m on the search somewhere else and if I like it, who knows….


Lesson 1 of the Spanish language course for beginners has already been listened to, and there for I can write..



… of course I am curious to your reaction….

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